Honest Insight With Money

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Yes! We are talking about Conscious Prosperity Wednesday today on “Dream Big Noon-Spirations”!

Not always is conscious prosperity about “money”, I believe that to have abundance in your life, conscious prosperity, is to have abundance in all areas of your life, not just money. Today though, we did talk about money. We talked about being HONEST and TRANSPARENT with yourself on your feelings about money.

So many times we have emotions tied in to even the thought or the idea of money and are completely unconscious about it, yet it has a direct impact on what manifests in our life! If you can be really honest with yourself, when you hear the word money or you think of money, what does it trigger to you? Does it bring up fear? Does it bring up anger, frustration or worries? Being able to get REALLY clear with how you feel will help you to MOVE THROUGH your emotional response and move into some transitioning for abundance in your life!

Listen to Today’s full session today HERE

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