Unapologetically Being ME

AUDIO #237

As luck will have it, this is NOT the photo I was going to share with each of you. Part of me feels really relieved, and part of me feels torn because I feel when I share a photo that I spoke about it today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration it will free me from my own self criticism and also give a voice to those women who may not be fully accepting themselves where they are at too.I feel very strongly about self-acceptance in such a way that YOU can fully love, fully ACCEPT, fully EMBRACE YOU no matter where you are at in your journey. No matter WHAT your weight is today as it may be different from 5 years ago. I do believe if we want to feel better in our human body suit then it would be much easier to start from self acceptance and GROW from there. I feel that we can have a bigger impact on our own personal transformation from that perspective rather than coming from our own critical self-judgment. Today (LISTEN HERE FOR FULL MESSAGE) I was really open, really bold, really real and raw. UGH… this has opened a dimension of myself that feels VULNERABLE AND FREE all in one. And thank you to one of my sisters for inspiring this conversation today! I hope to see you join Raj Anderson and Myself in Tea Tuesday May 23, 2017 where we could talk about this further with some girl chick chat and dream talk! Sign up here(Join our facebook group HERE!) I love YOU, Dreaming Big Together! With Love, Jena

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