Those Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World Usually Do

AUDIO #242

It begins with self-mastery. What does self-mastery mean to you? How often do you tell yourself how incredible you are? Have you ever tried to look in the mirror to tell yourself that you are cool? Try it! Get your favorite Tom Cruise glasses on (like in Risky Business) and put them on and look in the mirror and tell yourself how cool YOU ARE! Do you believe it? Or have you become a victim of the beliefs of the naysayers in your life? In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration, I shared how my 5 year old had questions about mean children (bullies) and how we as a family put our glasses ON and looked in the mirror to say “You are a cool dude”!

The stories we tell ourselves have a HUGE impact on our life, on our happiness and our future. You want to change the world? BE-lieve it is possible and see what begins to take place in your life. As Steve Jobs says “those who are crazy enough to think they change the world, usually do”. What do you believe about yourself? Are you “crazy enough” to go after your biggest dream? 

Today, I also shared in today’s theme “Self-Mastery” Fundamental #1 in SEA, I shared the benefits of ocytocin and how it can elevate your mood and help heal your body! I shared insights from The Power of Positivity article on 10 ways to increase oxytocin in the body. Place your hand over your heart and tell yourself you are worth it, and you are amazing! BE-lieve it to be true because the world needs YOU to show up and BE your authentic self! Cheers to Dreaming Big and Empowering YOU to Play Big! With lots of love! Jena

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