IQ Gets you Hired EQ Gets You Promoted!

AUDIO #243

Emotional Intelligence Energy Matrix, huh? Are you wondering what I am talking about today? Well, as many of us have heard lots of different perspectives and views on Emotional Intelligence and what it means, I wanted to share energetically what I see and specifically how it can either support a relationship or tear down a relationship. In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration  our theme was Conscious Relationships, and we explored some new thoughts about how to quickly get us out of feeling frustrated or angry back to a point of harmony. 

Are you suffering in your life with having deep and aligned connections? It always 100% of the time starts with you, your beliefs, how you personally view the world and how you engage with others. I always believe that when a person knows better they can do better. I am really passionate about helping people to create conscious relationships that can support and empower you in your life and also supporting and empowering others, that win-win energy. Listen to today’s session HERE for the rest of the message!

In SEA (Sisterhood Empowerment Academy) we have created countless virtual resources at your fingertips for all of your life and business transformation. Come check us out and sign up for your FREE Bronze Membership HERE, and anyone else looking for higher level transformation enroll as a Silver or Gold Member! Cheers to more empowered and conscious relationships in YOUR LIFE! Dreaming Big Together! With Love, Jena

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