Create and Design Your Perfect Day

AUDIO #247 

How many times do you honor yourself with the a perfect day? I want to empower you to pick one day this month to honor yourself with a perfect day. YOUR perfect day! It’s going to look differently to each person, and that is what makes it so awesome! In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration brought to you by Sisterhood Connections Network, I talked about big vision dreaming. The more you can get used to stepping into that place of designing what our perfect day looks like without self-judgment, and then actually making that day happen, the more you can begin to create and open the doors to creating your dream life on a much bigger scale. 

I am all about keeping things easy and simple. As I always challenge myself when I am doing things, how can I do it easier or more simple. When we can keep it simple, it’s easier to integrate new habits or routines. Place your hand over your heart and affirm this to yourself: “I am creating and designing the life I choose”

My suggestions is you Pick one day a month, then move to one day a week, eventually you could move into adding more days to do this.

  1. Imagine and map out what your perfect day would look like if you get to design it. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself:
  • What time would I wake up? 
  • What would I do, what would I work on, how would that look?
  • Who would I spend my day with or would I be alone?
  • What things will I do to support myself on a much deeper level that I usually don’t make time to do usually or that gets put last on the list?
  1. Make a list of things that you are currently doing and that are not part of what you would describe as your “perfect day.”
  2. Think about what we spoke about in yesterday’s message with ZBT, and how you can apply that here with removing those things from your perfect day. Some things you may want to take completely out of your life.
  3. Begin this with once or twice a month where you honor yourself with your perfect day. Then eventually begin to add more days, and you could even begin applying this with the area of your career or business and tie it together.

The miracle and secret of fulfilment and creating your Blissfully Extraordinary Life is doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t. It really is that simple. Know I love you and that somewhere in this world someone out there is wishing YOU a blissfully extraordinary life! Keep Dreaming Big Soul Sister, Soul Brother! Lots of love, Jena

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