Practicing The Art of Love: Acting vs Reacting


We are exploring love vs fear in today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration. Are you acting (coming from love) or reacting (coming from fear)? Before we begin, place your hand over your heart and repeat with me: “I am open to giving and receiving love in my life”

The opposite of love is fear, and the Course in Miracles shares that there are only two emotions in the Universe, which are love and fear.  Whenever assisting women or couples in their relationships, what I have always found is that within the problem or situation there is always some layer of fear that is present. So that has made me ponder, the whole concept of love and fear and all emotions, energy, and vibrations come from them. Like all emotions really do come from one of two families, that would be the family of love or the family of fear.

I personally do believe you can eliminate how fear shows up in your life and in your decisions. What would it feel like to not feel afraid of anything?

No more fear of being alone, commitment, being hurt, being left behind, being rejected.

Just for a moment stop and think how your life would be if you never again felt one moment of fear. Is it scary to you to think about just loving someone, even yourself without any conditions? Fear is conditional, love isn’t.

Energetically speaking, we know that love and fear can’t share the same space.  Fear can make people clingy and insecure.  From a conscious creator perspective, fear sets a vibration that can push you toward creating the exact opposite of what you desire or creating the fear that is residing in you.

Get tuned in with yourself, and generally speaking, do you feel like you have to be perfect in order to avoid being rejected? This could mean even with yourself, getting caught up in perfectionism.

In relationships do you find that you can become clingy or demanding when you feel someone your partner isn’t giving you attention or pulling away from you? This one is a big one that I find with women, is how they respond to texts, emails, or calls? If you send a text to your partner, do you panic when you don’t receive an immediate response? Do you find yourself automatically going to worst-case scenario?

These are all things I have found when working with clients and are like taps on the shoulder trying to get our attention. I am also discussing loving yourself in a deeper sort of way as well.

I do believe that fear doesn’t have to continue to sabotage your relationship with yourself or others any longer. The first step toward making a shift is awareness, awareness of if you are in fear and not love. You can first empower yourself by identifying unhealthy thoughts, choices, behaviors and habits. To keep it really simple, do you feel good and does it make you happy? If the answer is no, why are you holding on to it? The last two days session #246 and #247 we spoke about ZBT, zero based thinking and how to apply that in business and also your big vision. Today I want to invite you to apply it in the area of love. This will help you to bring an increased level of mindfulness into your life, your relationship with yourself and others, and will help you to begin to shift your habits. 

This is around self love, and love with others. So stop right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in as you bring yourself to the present moment. Think about those fears and thoughts that trigger you, can you think of a time as far back as you go, that has given you this fear? Was it watching a parent or other adult go through a painful situation? Was it someone who hurt you? Find the trigger pattern where the fear came in and began moving you out of love, balance and harmony and you where you possibly learned unhealthy habits and patterns from the mindset. Take the power out of it by recognizing it as an experience or mindset that has given you a distorted lens. The good news is, once you are aware and you can see where you have reacted instead of acted, now you get a clean slate for new choices. Get clear on those choices that have come from fear and begin to create new ones from love.

Allow yourself time to harness and align to your personal shifting and growth. I want to suggest that you be easy on yourself through this time of deep awareness, and try not to be a self-critique. Process your thoughts and feelings without thinking you need to judge or control them. Evaluating your daily habits and ask yourself if you are coming from love or from fear, it really is that simple. Are you reacting and coming from fear, or acting and coming from love? Here is to your incredible life, creating conscious relationships in your life and expanding your joy and happiness. With lots of big dream love,Jena

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