Sisterhood is like a cup of tea, always there to comfort you


Whoa! What a day today, packed with lots of gratitude, lots of sister connections, and so much excitement! I was blessed right off the gate to be able to join in some Dream Talk & Chick Chat with my Sisters over Tuesday Tuesday with myself and Raj. We went from talking about comparing yourself, and feeling overwhelmed to celebrating each others new found success to ending the conversation about expanding our dreams together. Emotional in a good sort of way, the way that you feel massively big things happening in each others lives and how you feel so overwhelmed with JOY and HAPPINESS for others as well as yourself. 

Listen to the full replay of today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration here. How are those relationships in your life? Do you feel empowered after a conversation or do you feel sad, depleted or worse about yourself? Come join us in our Facebook Group and see what our new world of SEA-Stars is all about! Sending you lots of love to Dream Big, Play Big, and Live Big! Love, Jena

Today’s message here   Last week’s message here      Find more out about SEA here

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