BE A Leader In Your Life on YOUR Terms

AUDIO #251

Being a leader in your life means you get to live life on YOUR terms. Never settle for anything less than you can be, create, share, or give. What makes you happy? It’s not what we get that makes us happy it’s who we become that fulfills us. And how do we get that? By really radiating and creating our own happiness on our terms!

How we live our life, who we are as a person is what matters most. I feel very passionate about that. We can take away all of the “things” in our life, but who you are and who you can become no one can take away. What causes a lot of resistance and suffering is that many people are trying to be someone they are not, or trying to make others accept them by seeing that they are valuable, that they are successful. I am not talking about changing who you are, because it isn’t so much about that. The change or transformation I am talking about is being yourself. That is when the change (transformation) happens because you don’t have to try to do that. You just BE it. Not do, but be. Get to know yourself, and then BE yourself. Because you really are perfect just as you are, and the biggest shift is understanding you already have the power and the answers within your own self!

Who cares how many followers you have or don’t have, who cares how many people support you or don’t support you. Who cares how many likes you have on your page or how many views you have on your video. Trust me you guys, I have been there. Comparison pops its ugly head up often to me and to others, yet, I do know that the more aware I become of it the more that I recognize the level of disharmony and suffering that “I” HAVE caused MYSELF.

Thinking about the direction this week, starting with Session 249 About doing what makes your soul happy, it’s all around creating that life without permission from anyone else. What feeds your soul? Do that. Do you know yourself? Do you really know yourself outside of what the world has told you to be? Who is that person underneath the layers? Underneath the expectations? Underneath the sadness? On some unconscious level if it’s from the desire of achievement, respect, acceptance or love, whatever it is, many are trying to be someone that you think you have to be?

Place your hand over your heart and repeat: “I create my happiness on my terms” Anchor that in because YOU DESERVE IT! Playing Big Together Soul Sister and Brother, with love, Jena


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