The Story of an Art Table

While cleaning off my art table today, I started to uncover the many paint markings and drippings. Over time, these beautiful messes began to create a picture.

“I stared at the art table and goosebumps rose up on my body, my heart felt full and tears filled my eyes.” 

What I saw was a story. A story of healing, love, reconnections, passion, and friendships. I also saw tears, fears, and hesitations that were all challenged and defeated. I saw the numerous smiles of pride and self-value being acknowledged. I saw freedom to create and no judgment.

My tears streamed down on my face. You see, I have days where my doubts creep up. I ask myself “Am I making a difference”? It took the story of an art table to answer my question.

What story are you painting on your life canvas? What messy, wonderful drippings, splatters, and markings are you leaving behind as beautiful reminders of your courageous journey?

Courageously creating together,

~ Carlyn 💜💜
Director of Creative Art
Sisterhood Connections

Carlyn is the Director of Creative Arts for Sisterhood Connections, a Global Women’s Empowerment Organization and also CEO of Carlyn’s Creative Center. Read more here about Carlyn .


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