What Is Your Desired Outcome?

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I like to keep things simple, I want to share something that may sound backwards to some people, yet it’s worked for me. Because I usually have so much going on I don’t want that to stop me, how I have found if I focus on the outcome for the day and not the tasks, it changes everything. I start my week by asking myself what is my desired outcome for the week, and less on the tasks I need to do. The tasks are important, goals are important, yet if we focus on the tasks we lose sight of what our desired outcomes are.

Let’s be honest, it really can be daunting to think about all of the “tasks” that you need to “do”. So what has helped me alot is to focus on the outcome, not as much on the tasks. Because when I do that, sometimes the tasks will change and keep me aligned with the goal I am trying to achieve for that week. Be flexible with yourself too, think about if you had a giant cow to eat, you wouldn’t eat the cow in one sitting right? You wouldn’t even portion it out and eat quarters of it at a time right? You would portion size it out into small servings and eventually after time you would have eaten the whole cow. I know that sounds dramatic, yet if you really think about that in regards to creating your biggest dreams, and you focus on the outcome, it can help with the feelings of overwhelm that you are talking about. 

Each day, what is the outcome you want to achieve? For the week of planning, have an idea, yet be open to easier ways to achieve it. When you focus your energy on that, you take away the pain out of the story that you are telling yourself about what it would take to create the big dreams. 

Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who encourage you and your dreams sister! Listen to the whole message HERE  

Place your hand over your heart and repeat with me: “My Big Dreams are important, and I deliberately create them each day” Playing Big Together Soul Sister and Brother, with love, Jena 


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