Plant a Seed of Faith For Your Future

AUDIO #255 

With each passing day, each passing minute you plant seeds. You plant seeds of hope, seeds of faith, seeds of love, and seeds of peace. We can also plant seeds of anger, frustration, bitterness, pride and ego. What seeds are you planting? In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration (brought to you by SEA ) it was about planting a seed of faith. A message of spreading faith into creating life on your terms, as we have been speaking about in the last few sessions, and also about creating a life that makes your soul happy!

Today’s fundamental What is Collective Community? Being part of a bigger purpose and connections for a more meaningful life and contribution to the greater good of all. When I woke this morning I was thinking about todays message and I was seeing a seeds and the word faith. And thinking about how we can plant those seeds of faith by knowing and believing that all really is working out for the good in your life, walk by faith not sight. Then before I began today’s session it had been a while since I have read one of Joel Osteen’s word of the day, and so when I read the message I was in awe of the alignment. Here is his message:

“Friend, when you go through things that you don’t understand, it is not the end. Nothing is lost in the kingdom. God is going to appoint another seed, and that seed represents the future. It indicates what is coming. If you will let go of what didn’t work out, let go of the hurt and pain, then for everything you’ve lost, God will appoint another seed. You’ll give birth to more in the future than you lost in the past. Keep praying, keep believing, keep hoping because God is for you. Trust Him and embrace the good things He has in store for your future!”

I said in the session I would put Tony Robbins speech in if I could find it, unfortunately I couldn’t, if I run across it I will come back and share here. Just KNOW and believe that all things are possible. The renewing of your mind, the birthing of new is the beautiful seeds that are being planted for YOU. Let’s break faith down. Trust (body) comes from your heart, Believing (mind) comes from your mind, and Faith (spirit) comes from deep within your soul, align these three and you are well on your way to achieving and reaching your biggest dreams!

Place your hand over your heart and repeat: “I plant a seed of faith for my future”

Let’s Play Big Together Soul Sister and Brother, with love, Jena 


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