Yet…. There is a GOD.

AUDIO #265

“Once upon a time not so long ago I wanted so much to create something.

Something Magical.

I tried.

I fell. 

Yet there is a God.

I got up.

I tried again.

I fell.

Yet there is a God.

I needed to laugh a few more times.

I needed to cry a few more times. 

I needed to see colors of the world just a little bit more. 

I needed to trust in myself.

I needed to believe in myself.

I needed to fully understand myself. 

God softly whispers to me and says, “I got you” 

I smile.

I trust.

I have faith. 

I say to myself “You got this Je, and all is well. It’s perfectly imperfect and unfolding so well”

Joel Osteen Word of the day:

HE Will Finish

Are you believing for something that seems like it’s taking longer than you hoped? Maybe you’ve been praying for a loved one. Maybe you’ve believed for a situation to change for years. Don’t get discouraged. God is going to finish what He started! He is a faithful God, and He has something unmatched, unparalleled coming your way—favor, breakthroughs, restoration like you haven’t seen before!

God has been good to all of us in the past, but I believe we’re coming into a time where we will see greater anointing, greater power and greater victories! The key is that we have to stay in agreement with God. We should get up every morning and say, “Father, thank You for Your unprecedented favor. Thank You for the immeasurable, unlimited, surpassing greatness of Your power.” If you keep standing in faith, I believe you’re going to come into more of those days where you stand in utter amazement and say, “Wow, God! I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

Remember, scripture says, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” No, nothing is impossible when we put our faith and trust in Him. Today, keep standing, keep believing and keep hoping because God has something astounding in store for your future!

~Joel Osteen

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Dreaming Big together Soul Sister and Brother, with Blissfully Empowered Love to EMPOWER you to PLAY BIG in YOUR life, Jena  


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