Success Comes With The Help of Others

AUDIO #276

We don’t reach success alone, we do collectively with others. Even though you may have an incredible quarterback on the team, he alone doesn’t get the team to the playoffs. It requires a team, receivers to catch the ball, offensive line to block, and running backs to assist everyone.

“Somebody is sitting in the shade today because somebody a long time ago planted a tree”

As an Entrepreneur, you wouldn’t be where you are right now without the inventions of others. Whether it’s the cell phone, the computer, or the countless systems, platforms, and software of other people you wouldn’t be successful doing what you are doing. Think of the mall, it wouldn’t be the mall without other business, and before you could get to that level, you needed visionaries, developers, engineers, plumbers, and builders.

By shifting the way that we see community, and helping one another can change the world. Think of this, if everyone made a goal each and everyday to reach out to one person and simply ask “how can I help you today” or “Is there anything I can do for you today”, how much of a different world we would live in. 

Listen to the entire Dream Big Noon-Spirations (brought to you by Sisterhood Connections) session HERE. 

Dreaming Big together Soul Sister and Brother, with Blissfully Empowered Love to EMPOWER you to PLAY BIG in YOUR life, Jena  


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