We Can’t Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone

AUDIO #283

Ronald Reagan once said “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

Together you can accomplish anything. We get to success by collective community and helping one another. We don’t get there alone, we get there together. Many times people have a belief that you have to do something HUGE to make an impact on lives, and anything that seems small or doesn’t look like that HUGE thing, people won’t bother to do. I am here to say that it’s the small things added up together, duplicated, and shared that have the biggest impact.

Do you have a belief that no one supports you? I encourage you to evaluate how you support others. Do you have a belief that you are alone? I encourage you to meditate and get some answers if you close yourself off to people? Do you go after those relationships or do you expect others to always come to you or invite you? What you want in this world takes action on your part and that part of action includes involving yourself, and if you really want it, go make it happen. Create the family or neighborhood events that will serve you and your passion for what you want for your life. Lifting others means you lift yourself too.

Dreaming Big together Soul Sister and Brother, with Blissfully Empowered Love to EMPOWER you to PLAY BIG in YOUR life,

xo Jena  



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