Trust Yourself, You Cannot Fail

AUDIO #290

If you have been hurt in the past by other people, then you probably have a lot tied up in the word TRUST. Trusting other people can be one of the most challenging things for you. Now that you have been hurt you may expect to get hurt. You may have a story around ‘the victim’ that is within you. The inner victim within you believes that you have been hurt repeated times when you have opened your heart and trusted. Sometimes the challenge has been because unrealistic expectations have been placed on others, and this is what has caused the pain. Now you may be in a place where you feel skeptical.

I would like to invite you to redefine how you are seeing trust. Trust has not been the cause of your hurt and pain you experienced. Trusting was not a mistake that you made, you did nothing wrong. And because you gave trust to someone, doesn’t mean that it was because you trusted that person. What caused the pain and the hurt that you have experienced is the expectation of what you placed on the person. And within that expectation is where the hurt and pain stemmed from. LISTEN TO THE FULL DREAM BIG NOON-SPIRATION HERE

When you trust someone, an expectation is created of how you think they should feel, act, and think. We can tend to expect others to respond and react the way we do, given our own conditioning and experiences. That only leads to pain when they don’t meet up to the your criteria. The frustration, sadness, disappointment and hurt can move in and steal your joy. This is when people begin to close off, and hold back from experiencing love or new relationships because they have a hard time trusting because of the fear of being hurt.

“Struggle ends when faith and trust begin” ~Jena Harris

This only expands that energy in your life, and so today I am encouraging you to forgive the past, and look to the future to shift your perspective on trust. Every person can only be expected to think, feel and act according to their very own conditioning. Open your heart and give others trust, trust them completely to be who they are with all of their flaws and gifts. Trust them with their own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, including the good, not so good, right and wrong, and all of the labels in between.

Trust is an important part of the fundamental foundation for every kind of deep soul connection, partnership, collaboration and all relationship in life. I invite you to redefine the word trust, to trust someone is to know them for who they are…….

Here is the photo I spoke about in today’s DREAM BIG NOON-SPIRATION:


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