Just Be You, The World Will Adjust

AUDIO #327

What is it that we are afraid to show the world? Are we afraid of being hurt? Are we afraid of being judged? Are we afraid of stepping forward because of fear of being ridiculed or judged? The more that we can love and trust our own authenticity and our own divine sovereignty, the more it opens up space to align us with those who appreciate us for who we are. And what better way to express that in the world, to show up and BE YOU? LISTEN HERE to the full session of Dream Big Noon-Spiration.

Today’s Angel Message:

Monday August 7

♥ Keep Dreaming BIG, and BE Blissfully Empowered to your HIGHEST PURPOSE! Join me beginning in September in the weekly Dream Big Noon-Spirations, live every Friday 12pm CST and available to follow and listen to on ITunes. Together we can RE-MEMBER our inherent sovereign birthright of being who God created us to be, and expanding more of YOU and YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE to illuminate through in all that you do. ♥



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