Look For The Signs That You Are So Loved


With the state our world is in right now, it’s hard to remain calm. In the midst of uncertainty always can be the fear of the unknowing. When we feel out of control with the state our world is in, and being among what feels like chaos, sometimes all we can do is breath and pray.

Pray. Breath. Sigh. Look up for a sign.

holding hands

Please join me in the prayer:

I call upon God, Jesus, angels, guardian angels, Arch Angels and the masters of light. God, please shine your holy light around the planet today. Please care for and nurture the ones affected by floods, hurricanes, fires, racial tension, our brothers and sisters affected by immigration, and any kind of inhumane act that is going on in our world. We ask to bless every brother, sister, and furry friends for comfort, for love, for protection. We pray for the forgiveness, the unity for continuing to support one another and our hearts to be shown the truth of love through every situation. Asking for grace to be showered on our world and the wings from your administering angels to surround every man, woman, child, and animal. May the angelic wings soften our hearts and fill us with the love that flows through the core of us all. May we remember, may we all remember, love over hate. Love over fear. Love. May we awaken, and new doors open to come together, letting go of old ways that are controlled by the ego. We ask for the miracles of healing and peace for all that are ready and willing to receive. I visualize the Divine Order coming to every hometown, every city, every county, every state, every nation, every country, our planet. At this time may we all remember you and bow our heads to join in the Divine consciousness for the greater good of all.

I offer my love and my light to the planet. May all who suffer be comforted, may all who are in pain be healed. May all who are in anger, be given peace. May all be restored, and may grace be showered upon the world. May all who are asleep awaken to remember. May all beings live together in peace and harmony, with remembering the love that is available to all. May the light illuminate all darkness of the past, present, and future, seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious on all levels of reality.

May there be love.

May there be light.

May there be peace.

And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May our love and light and good energy and intentions go out to our brothers and sisters across the world facing fearful situations, facing chaos or despair. The earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, and social challenges. It can feel hopeless and we won’t talk about THE Chaos in today’s session, as we have news and so many people talking about it, what I wanted to share today is how to bring in the balance. To invite and infuse the stillness into your life; and the signs that you are loved, the signs that all is well, and the signs that you are safe. How many times do we get signs from God and the Angels that we don’t even notice? Whether it’s multiple numbers on the license plate on the car in front of you or a feather that so “randomly” seems placed. Maybe you met someone that helped you RIGHT when you needed it and felt that it was an earth angel. Because we do have angels walking amongst us. Maybe it’s the sky. You look up and see the most beautiful creation that the clouds are making. People often times want to chalk it up to be a coincidence but there are no coincidences my friends and there are miracles happening every day around us.

I do understand, it’s so easy to get sucked into the fear isn’t it?

Whether it’s the weather or the racial tension you see on the news. I want to encourage you to open your hearts to see the love that exists in the world today. It’s everywhere. Every Company right now seems to be raising money for Texas, for the people who were affected by the Hurricane. You see people coming together and feeding and sharing their homes. Please be mindful about how much news you are watching. I want to encourage you today, to go out each day and actually look for those things where God and where love is present and prevalent. Because each day it grows and I see that and believe that. 

We can think that our thoughts and our emotions don’t affect anyone else and that it is secretly contained within your own self. This isn’t true. We all affect one another and the world. If you’re experiencing thoughts or feelings that have a contracted vibration, such as judgment, anger, or fear. These energies are broadcasting out in waves. The same goes if you are broadcasting more expanded vibrations of love, gratitude, or compassion. These are all broadcasting out in waves. We all contribute to the state of our world and our planet by where our focus is and what we are feeling. Even the unconscious thoughts and emotions we each are not even aware of have an impact. The broadcast is like a radio, broadcasting the music out and around our world and everywhere we go. Understanding this means to live your life consciously.

With Each thought, feeling, and internal reaction creates the song and music that you create in your life and also collectively as well. This doesn’t mean we have to worry or freak out if we are not feeling great, yet it is a chance to understand in a deeper way so that you can be more intentional and conscious wherever you are at.

When we’re confronted with life challenges that might result in chaos, it’s important that we dig into our spiritual tool belt and lean on the things that have been instilled within us that can help us navigate through so we can shift from the darkness and into the light. Sometimes when we have chaos in our lives, we can’t imagine that things can get much worse, or even that it will ever get better. But it can and it does. Believe it, know it, and focus on the peace and stillness.

BE Still and know that I God is with you!

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Love you!



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