How being honest and purpose-driven can build real growth for Entrepreneurs​

“Even if it feels like you are not getting anywhere, or growth is slow, keep going. Pull your attention away from the numbers, and trust that it will happen. Success comes from repetition and duplication” 

I honestly don’t care if your passion is popcorn! Do what it is that YOU LOVE. Because if you are doing or working at a passion that isn’t yours, the results will show. I can always tell when I am not doing things that are purpose-driven, there are signs everywhere! Things are hard, no matter how hard you work you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, and the joy is not there. You may have your own signs of what that looks like. 

My point is that you have to TRUST your journey. You have to trust that no matter what, that POPCORN WILL SELL! You may have to go back to the drawing board a few times, but when you keep going one step at a time it will lead you to success!

Focus on creating real value, and don’t worry about the size of your audience. Just keep putting out your best work. I think people today, especially more and more, are really appreciating the real and authentic women in business. Not afraid to show the messiness life can offer, and it’s ok to not have all of the answers! Don’t be afraid if you don’t know, When Raj Anderson and I get in our Masterminds, we never know what the women will ask. I don’t worry too much because if I don’t know I have no problem saying it or passing it on to see if someone else has the answer. 

And one last thing that I want to share. There is SO MUCH CONTENT OUT THERE NOW, you can get INCREDIBLE videos, downloads, books etc for FREE. So make sure you are always giving your audience VALUE! Value is the GOLDEN NUGGET! Make it unique and don’t be afraid to do things differently! 

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