We can’t become who we want to be by holding on to who we are


“We can not become who we want to be by holding on to who we are” ~Jena Harris

Last week we spoke about balance, and the topic was finding deeper balance with work, with self-care, and with success goals. Today we are going to talk about stillness, finding our stillness within the stress. I received an email from one of the listeners and she asks about how to stay inspired when she feels so much stress in her life.

Do you ever feel so stressed that you want to give up? I know many of us have felt that way at least once or twice. We can be there at many different times in our life or we can dip in and out of feeling like you want to give up because of stress. You may be wearing lots of different hats and doing lots of different things, OR it could be one job or one duty of your life that is causing you to feel this way.

Pushing, controlling, trying to make everything happen, can cause you to feel stressed out. The constant feeling of do, do, do, do with a hidden expectation (agenda) that the more that we do the more successful we will be and many times that alone is what is causing a lot of stress. Although I do believe it takes dedicated and consistent work to be successful, I also think we need to have the balance of inner stillness and inner connection that needs to come forward for the dedication to be sustainable. So today, if you are trying to create an energy of success in any area of your life, be it as an entrepreneur or a mom, you really want to make sure that you are taking mindful moments of stillness. And for me, it’s about reminding myself there is no guilt with that. As with muscle transformation, it’s equally important to get the rest so your muscles can repair as it is for the importance of the time at the gym.

“All of the inner work that we do will always surface to the world around us & how people respond to us and how we are able to attain our dreams, desires, purpose, & passions”

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Many times people are not stressed they are burnt out, and I want to give you some signs that you may have burnout too: (these are only SOME signs, if you feel you have any and/or all of these symptoms, please see your Dr.)

  1. Chronic fatigue OR Insomnia
  2. Forgetfulness or impaired concentration/attention
  3. Increased physical illness in your body 
  4. Loss of appetite OR increased appetite
  5. SIGNS of Anxiety
  6. Depression
  7. Anger

It’s about being inspired by change—not limited by it.

Make sure you are drinking lots of water, and getting in Meditation and/or walks. Listen to the full message HERE  to find out what I say about meditation.

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Love you!



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