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What is so special about the date? I was born on 7/17/71 and this year marks an incredibly special year that will only one time use the same numbers, can you see it? 7/17/17! I want to celebrate my special day with honoring one of the biggest transformations in my life, and it has taken place over this last year. My transformation started in 2007 and hasn’t stopped, yet 2017 has been the biggest shift for me. I really LET GO of worrying about how the world would see me, or does see me. I released to GOD the “idea” that I am so different, and EMBRACED my authenticity and stepped into my highest purpose, and owning it! Claiming exactly “who I was before the world told me who to be”. And I want to celebrate with YOU and invite YOU to join in on my Virtual Birthday Party! I will be sharing my Treasure Chest of Blessings from some VERY SPECIAL SOUL SISTERS IN MY LIFE and their brilliant authenticity, with YOU, my special friend and soul sister! I also want to celebrate my special announcement of my next book “Who were you before the world told you who to be”!

In celebration of my special birthday I want to honor my soul sisters to step into their birthright and sovereignty with their very own ‘Soul Blessing Treasure Chest’ Recognize the gift that you are! CLICK HERE to join the Soul Blessing Treasure Chest!

The Soul Blessing Treasure Chest is a gift of SOULFUL LOVE to yourself. Because YOU deserve to celebrate and honor how beautiful you are, claim self-love and empowerment. MY birthday wish for my sisters this year is to expect greatness for yourself, expect greatness for your world, expect great prosperity, expect great bliss and fulfillment and SO IT IS! 

Your very own Soul Blessing Treasure Chest will enable self-discovery and activate your purpose and prosperity for your blissfully extraordinary life! You will be blessed over the next 17 weeks with some of my favorite things from my favorite soul sisters and the incredible energy they offer to the world! Each time you open an email you will feel the incredible love from each of these inspirational women and YOUR SOUL will be blessed. This is a time not only to celebrate MY Birthday, it’s also a time to celebrate YOURS! I will be sharing SO MUCH AWESOMENESS you are not going to want to miss it! CLICK HERE To sign up for the Soul Blessing Treasure Chest.


Contrary to social beliefs, being worthy isn’t something you earn, it’s something you acknowledge within your own self. You don’t wait for someone to GIVE you worthiness, you were BORN WITH IT darling!

Look in the mirror Soul Sister.

Do you see that?

Yes, it’s you

A reflection of brilliance. A symbol of beauty. An image of light. The likeness of a queen.

Do you see it? Because once you do, you won’t be able to think, speak, or behave in the same way you did before you saw it.

YOU are already all that you want to be, just recognizing it. Yes, it really is that easy and simple. We see the beautiful treasures that are inside of us and what do we do? Grow more of THAT, just like a garden. We have the seed and we plant more.


Harvest the fruit you want to bear. 

Plant those seeds, water them, and give them sunlight. 

You are bound to see your harvest.



You are incredible.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything otherwise.

Make today great sister, because YOU DESERVE IT!

Happy Birthday to me. Thank you

for being a special

person in



May your WHY be bigger than your fear,

BE Blissfully Empowered To Reach

Your Highest Purpose & Biggest Dreams!

You’ve got alot of help and support!

You are not alone!

I love you!

Xo Signature_Pink_and_Plum


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