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Addictions today are much broader than just alcohol and drugs. With the world we live in and how we have access to anything imaginable, usually very quickly too, we have new addictions rising and no one talking about them. So what is a person to do? What are the things that you can do to get yourself some help? I do want to make a disclaimer that I AM NOT A DR. or A LICENSED COUNSELOR, so please seek one if you feel you need it. 

I do want to talk about addiction and I shared an article that I found helpful and shared my insight on it as well, HERE is that article if you would like to read more. Having worked with many clients and loved ones who have suffered with addictions, I wanted to share my thoughts on it. 

~Addiction does not define you as a person~

Joel Osteen’s Message Today was perfect for today’s topic:

Clothe Yourself

Is there something in your life that you would like to put a stop to today? Maybe it’s a certain behavior, addiction or bad attitude that isn’t pleasing to God. When Adam and Eve disobeyed in the garden, the first thing God did was to put clothing on them. They needed to be covered. In the same way, you and I need to be covered today. What should we cover or clothe ourselves with?

Just as you get dressed daily, you have to daily “cover” your mind with the Word of God. That means you cover every point that has access to your thoughts. Cover your ears by listening to the Word. Cover your eyes by watching only what is pleasing to the Lord. Cover your mouth by speaking the Word and encouraging those around you. As you cover yourself with Christ, you’ll be strong against temptation, you‘ll walk in victory, and you’ll experience the good things He has in store for you!

Keep Dreaming BIG, and BE Blissfully Empowered to your HIGHEST PURPOSE! Follow me, I can help you get there by reminding you of your sovereign birthright. 



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