Whether this feeling will last or not, for right now this is where I am at. If you can believe it, I began writing this blog post on my Birthday last summer. I guess I wasn’t ready to share, and I wasn’t ready to share my bio either. 

Humility. Just like the Chinese Proverb says: ‘Be like bamboo, the higher you grow, the more you bow’

This is what God said to me in one of my prayers. Be humble. I didn’t take it like He was scolding me, actually quite the opposite. I felt I was being given some sort of deep wisdom that I was so lucky to learn about.

So I began reading what the bible says about humility and the verse that came off of the paper and spoke to me was Proverbs 11:2 that says: When pride comes, then comes shame, but with the humble comes wisdom. (NKJV)

So, what exactly does that mean? It sounds so heavy right?

Not really. This is what I would have probably thought reading this verse years ago. Today, I see a different perspective. One where God is sharing that within the pride comes pleasing the world. I know it is not written that way, but that is the message God gave to my spirit. And I know why, He knows me best. As you will read down below I am a recovering people pleaser. If you have been reading my blog for some time you probably have read that before. 

Since my birthday I bet I have changed my title a half a dozen times LOL. (Thank God I never ordered new business cards, can you imagine?) And yet still, after the 1/2 a dozen times, it still didn’t quite feel right. I had to tune into myself, am I still trying to fit myself in a box? Put a label on myself so I feel worthy or what? Yes, if i’m being honest. It’s something I began asking myself since writing the book ‘who were you before the world told you who to be‘. It’s been a couple of years of peeling away layers, surrendering to God’s will, and letting go of so much. 

I decided to simplify my Instagram bio, my Twitter bio, and my Facebook bio. And it felt AH-mazing! Crazy. A few years ago I would have discouraged one of my clients to do it, yet, today, I see that it is where our world is all heading. Just you watch. I think many of us are feeling the same way. Working so hard, college, work, achievements, only to still feel the same emptiness afterwards. Sometimes even worse than they did before because we can have an expectation on those things right? 

So here is my updated bio….

Simple, humble, yet authentic. (You can read it on my website HERE)

New Bio:

Firstly, I am a child of God and a wife & mommy second. 

And I guess you are probably here because you want to find out what gives me the authority, knowledge, experience and validation to help you? 

I want to share something with you, I am a recovering people pleaser. I’m not proud of it, yet I don’t beat myself up, I use it to fuel me for helping others not ask permission to be who God created them to be. And now I consider it to be a superpower.

There was a time in my life, I felt like I needed to get the title, the degree, the high paying job, and have all of these certifications, accolades, and noble achievements to get accepted in this world and also so I felt worthy. And I did all of that, plus stuff I didn’t need to do. I was aimlessly seeking for acceptance I ‘thought’ I needed. So my bio looks much different than it did last year. The titles, the certifications, the degrees, the accomplishments really don’t mean much to me anymore. My biggest passion is to spread the love of Christ and what He has done in my life. 

Well what can I say? God has been working on me deep. To be quite honest, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Better than any college degree or high paying job. It’s WHY I’m doing what I am doing. I just can’t keep the gift I have been given inside of me! (Romans 12:2, Psalm 139:13-16) I want to share with as many people as God brings my way, to share the REAL transformation you get through Christ.

With all of that being said…..

There is still a part of me that understands that people need to feel like they don’t want to be tricked, fooled, or waste their money. And make sure I’m not a quack, I get it. I understand. So, if by chance you are here to check out my experience, instead I would love to have some coffee or tea with you in a complimentary zoom session. You can ask me about my experience and see if we are a good match. I’m about authentic relationships and connections. I’m sure you will find I am well versed in many areas, it’s why I have been known to call myself a unicorn. 🙂

So, I am so happy you found me. I am looking forward to meeting you too! Let’s connect and see if we are a good fit for each other. Please note, I like to laugh and I hope you do too!


You are a gift to the world, I hope you never forget.

A note from Je…

I consider myself a Life Changer because after sessions with me, your life will be changed forever. That’s a bold statement I know, yet I have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world. What can I say? God is so good! I give Him all the Glory for that! 

I am passionate about helping others to improve their lives through their relationships, and most importantly feel good about who they are and the life they are living.

What I believe is…..

Our world has become very disconnected and the human spirit really hungers for that connection with others. AND what I have found is the first void is that deep relationship with the Lord but many people don’t know where to start or they have been hurt in the past by another human when they tried to build that relationship. I myself, have my own story as well.

Everything in life is about relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with self, relationship with your son, daughter, husband, mom, dad, sister, friend, neighbor, boss, your relationship with money, with food, with exercise… The list is endless.

I do believe that when you build a closer relationship with God, and embrace who God has created you to be it will open the doors for healing and ultimately an abundant life. 

What I know is….

When we feel and look our best, and we have positive thoughts about ourself, its a game changer for the way we live.

When we take care of our bodies, minds, spirits, and emotional well being we create a happy and healthy life.

When we remember to unlock our childlike energy with laughter and imagination it can re-ignite creativity and passion in our life. 

What I want to offer is….

I am here to help you build a strong foundation in all of your relationships. 

I will work with you, by your side, to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are not aligned with who God created you to be. And together we can navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with God’s plan. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Transforming your life from the inside out

Are you ready to totally transform your life? If the answer is yes, AWESOME, I can’t wait to connect with you! Let’s get started!

This has been a long time coming for this growth to fully accept me just as me without waiting for others to validate me, really me accepting myself. Just be who God created me to be. I must say, it feels pretty flippin‘ amazing.

I love you, be Blessed!


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