Transforming Your Life

From The Inside Out

Who would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail?


Jena Harris is a spiritual transformation teacher, producer, speaker, and best selling author.

Jena spent twenty-two years in Corporate America where, after time, she found herself in need of her OWN healing and transformation from the stress and tension in her life. This led her on her own healing journey to balance, harmony, and healthier wellbeing. She discovered her own recipe for healing and wellness and this is now her passion to share it with the world. 

In 2009 she started her Company Empowered By Je (at that time it was Blissfully Empowered) with an office in Boise Idaho where she served her clients and students in the Treasure Valley area. In 2014 she left her Corporate position to continue to pursue her dreams of living a happier and healthier life.

Jena joined in a collaborative project with Transformation TV as one of the producers of The Transformation Movie that was filmed in April 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland and set to be released in May 2019. She currently spends her time empowering and transforming the lives with her soul tribe in The Soul Collective and Hosts two TV Shows ‘Soul Stories’and ‘The Sisters’. Jena hosts a weekly prayer call every Sunday called Soulfood Sundays.

Jena is also the author of three published books, the best selling Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be“, “44 Days Returning To Love and Manifest Your Power Partner” and co-authored “Step forward and Shine”.

A note from Je…

I consider myself a Life Changer because after sessions with me, your life will be changed forever. That’s a bold statement I know, yet I have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world that I have all been able to assist with transformational change in their lives and who have felt a shift and impact from my work and sessions. 

I am passionate about helping others to improve their relationships in their life because it is my personal belief that when we are disconnected from the source of light (God) and the connection with our truth (our soul purpose and who God has created us to be). I believe that when we are in pain we are in dis-harmony and sometimes can become very disconnected in our relationship with God and even within our own connection to ourself. Which leads us to experience depression, frustration, confusion, anger, and disconnection with people and the world around us. I also believe that we are hungry for that connection with others, and the freedom that laughter brings us. When we feel and look our best with a goal of living their happiest and healthiest life.

I believe everything in life is about relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with self, relationship with your son, daughter, husband, mom, dad, sister, friend, neighbor, boss, your relationship with money, with food, with exercise… The list is endless.

I am here to help you build a strong foundation to all of your relationships, and it STARTS first with the relationship with God and the relationship with yourself. I do believe that when you build a closer relationship with God, and embrace who God has created you to be it will open the doors for healing and ultimately an abundant life. 

I will work with you, by your side, to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you and help you navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with your desires to be healthy and happy.

Your Soul Sister and Friend,


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