Today is day 3 in reading the Bible in 2020. I want to share a couple of nuggets with you, and you can see the video on our Soulfood and Grace Channel HERE.

Today we are reading Matthew 7-9

One of the things that really stood out to me was Matthew 7:7-12 that talks about ‘ask, seek, and knock’.

How many times in our life do we think we are asking, seeking, and knocking but are we really? We may be doing that and thinking that is enough, but we are missing one of the biggest pieces to it and that is FAITH. We may pray (ask), and then we are doing the do-diligence (seek) and then we are looking for those opportunities (knocking), but do we allow God to have the steering wheel of our car? Do we have faith that He is leading us and has everything handled? OR are we trying to do it our way?

Many times in my own journey I can see where the inner control freak will sneak in and try to take over. What has helped me with this (if you are struggling with this too), has been to ask God to reveal things to me about where I am personally at. And if I am not aligned with His plan on my life, I ask Him to guide me.

Sometimes that means I have to change my behavior, or my own ways, and form to His ways. I’m not saying my friend that it is easy, but what I am saying it is worth it.

I hope you join me today, grab your coffee or tea, and your journal and bible and let’s sit together and process todays word. Please share how God is working in your life my friend! I would love to hear it!

Here is to your purpose and all that you are,

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