Body Acceptance: Sexual Expression and Empowerment

Red Alert!! Houston we have a problem, a HUGE problem, in fact, one might call it an epidemic. A horrible epidemic that is plaguing the majority of the female population and possibly the number one thing that is holding women everywhere back from experiencing their true wholeness. This epidemic is body image and our ongoing struggle to love and radically accept our bodies, no matter what, regardless of age, ability, weight, height or body type. The lack of body acceptance has been keeping a good hunk of the population from fully expressing themselves in all areas of life and especially in sexual expression and empowerment. Not feeling good in your own skin impacts every area of our lives, from the type of relationships we attract, the professional roles we play, the way we interact with society, the ways in which we spend our free time –mostly obsessing over how we look and how others might view us, to our parenting style, eating habits and our level of happiness and fulfillment in life.

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Lets Talk About Shhh….

Today, I would like to talk to you about S.E.X…Shhhhhhhh! Whoa, I know, we aren’t supposed to say that word or talk about it, especially to strangers and we most definitely shouldn’t be writing about it in a public forum, right? SEX has always been a term that I wasn’t supposed to use or express or discuss growing up. My parents never had “the talk” with me, I got shunned when I was caught putting my Ken and Barbie in the same bed together as a kid. In junior high everybody was too embarrassed to raise their hand during Sex Ed classes and by high school there were girls getting pregnant and being looked down upon if they were on birth control. Even now, as an Adjunct Professor, I still cannot talk about sex, abortion or birth control in my collegiate Health and Wellness classes. So, today, right here and right now, I’m going to set my voice free, open that big can of worms and talk about sex, intimacy, relations, whatever you would like to call it. Please feel free to insert the word that makes you feel most comfortable but for me and my self-expression, I will be using the term Sex.

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#Fearless Living

The smell of crisp, damp air fills your nostrils and you can hear the leaves and shrubbery crunching under your feet with every step you take. You take a deep breath as you continue forward receiving the branding marks of the low hanging branches and vines as you cut your way through the uncharted path with a large machete. Then all of a sudden, you freeze! Your hands start to tremble as your heart begins beating faster and your senses heighten with an awareness that something isn’t right. Your head turns sharply with the snapping of a nearby branch, you are not alone. Your adrenaline increases as your sympathetic nervous system prepares your physical body to flee or fight. You take a deep breath trying to calm your nerves just as you see it, the dangerous beast that is lurking deep in the mats of greenery. Just as you turn to run the fierce beast steps into sight. The fierce animal… oh wait, is actually a fierce . . . stray cat, with yellow stripes? No, wait, this can’t be right. Your mind races trying frantically to retrace your steps and where your brain went wrong. You had sensed that you weren’t alone on your path and you heard the snapping of the branches beneath its feet. Surely, you aren’t mistaken, there must be something more, something bigger with sharp snarling teeth, still hiding in those bushes. This small cute looking kitty, most certainly can’t be it. . . can it?

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Finding Your True North

Throughout history there have been a plethora of rulers, creative geniuses, intellectuals, gurus, and what one might call ascended masters that have led others to grow and prosper. People have followed them, praised them, gone to war for them, and turned their lives upside down to abide by their ways. They have been so persuaded by them that they have followed blindly into catastrophic disasters and holocausts.  All of this occurs because they so confidently held the person’s beliefs above their own and not trusted themselves. Continue reading “Finding Your True North”

Growing In The Great Outdoors

When we come into this world, we are born with two fears; fear of falling and fear of noise. Then somewhere along the line we become those crazy, worrying, non-risk taking versions of ourselves that we often refer to as adults. It doesn’t matter who you are, at some point, we all acquire and are forced to face fear. There may be no way around it but there’s always a way through it.

When I think back on my life I have encountered a lot of fears. My fears range from failure, success, snakes, being judged, and not fitting in. You name it, I’ve likely faced it. As I grow older I realize that there are a lot of things bother me more now than when I was younger. I used to be able to ride roller coasters for days and it never bothered me. Turn me upside down, flip me over, spin me in circles, it didn’t matter. It made me feel alive and filled with adrenaline. I could run, jump, play and leap without wondering if I would land on my face or pull something. Now I avoid most spinning rides to prevent unwanted vomiting and often find myself wondering how my body will hold up or perform in certain activities. It’s safe to say that over the years I have lost a bit of my edge.  Continue reading “Growing In The Great Outdoors”

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