The World Needs Your Courage!

Take courage to be that person who lives within you. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we let perfection take over our minds. We constantly strive to not let the world down, but often times we are so focused on the outer world that we forget about ourselves. And this is where we forget to take courage to be that person that lives within us.

Have you ever stopped to reflect if you are living the life you want or living the life others are telling you to live, consciously or unconsciously? So often we have been programmed in such a way that we really don’t stop to take that sacred space to evaluate if we are merely living the life that others are telling us to live. Furthermore, we don’t make the connection that we are veering away further away from our heart, our dreams, our goals, and the Spirit that lives within us. As we move away, we let go of the courage to be our authentic radiant selves. We forget that we also are divine and significant.

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¿Miedo, qué es miedo?

“Miedo, qué es miedo Mami” me preguntó mi hijo de tres años. Respire profundamente y me pregunté, “por dónde empiezo”.  

Las primeras palabras que salieron de mi fueron, “El miedo no existe; es algo que creamos”.  Pero evidentemente él ya había escuchado esta palabra puesto que la había usado en diferentes contextos, cuando en las primeras ocasiones decía, “tengo miedo” mi respuesta fue, “No tengas miedo; no estás solo. Dios y los Ángeles están contigo”, Pero, cuando el me pregunto que era el miedo tuve que tomar un momento para pensar. Mi mente me llevo a todas las experiencias donde alguna vez había sentido miedo sin embargo recordé que siempre sale bien al final. Aunque humildemente tuve que admitir que hubo un momento donde vivía en miedo y que de vez en cuando ese miedo volvía a mi.

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El Nacimiento Tiene Diferentes Visiones

Recientemente mi hijo cumplió tres años y en el pasado mes he pensado mucho en el proceso de su nacimiento. Específicamente recuerdo el proceso de operación que nunca me esperaba ya que yo visualizaba un nacimiento “perfecto”. ¿Que era el nacimiento perfecto?

Bueno, yo visualizaba el nacimiento de nuestro hijo de la manera más natural con una partera en un centro de nacimiento usando ejercicios, técnicas y medicamento naturales para ayudarme con el proceso de dar a luz. Luego conectaría con mi precioso ángel y lo pondría en mi pecho para amamantar.


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Living In Fear To Living Without Fear

“Fear; what is fear Mami” my almost three year olds asks me. I take a deep breath as I am thinking oh, no where do I begin. The first words that come out of me is, “Fear does not exist; it is something that we create”. But obviously he has heard this word and has used it in several contexts that demonstrate he is in fear base moment. When he first began to say, “Tengo miedo (I am afraid)” my response was, “Don’t be afraid; you are not alone. God and the Angels are with you”. But, when he asked me what fear was I really had to pause for a moment. 

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Birthing Comes in Different Visions

My son recently turned three years old, so I have been thinking a lot about our birthing process this past month. I specifically remembered how I was not ready to receive our son the way I envisioned. I had envisioned birthing our son in the most natural way with a midwife at a birthing center, using exercises, techniques, and natural medicines to help me in the birthing process. Then I would connect with our angel by placing him on my chest and nursing him as we bonded.  Continue reading “Birthing Comes in Different Visions”

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