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Spiritual Gifts

Through baptism we all have become the body of Christ and we each play a valuable role.

He Restores

God CAN and WILL restore you! God’s grace changes everything!

Jesus Washes The Feet of His Disciples

What does Jesus’ act teach us?

Keep Going [Hope]

I feel alone sometimes as an Entrepreneur…


Soul Talk: Who Has Your Mind?

I was literally having a conversation with my son on the way to school today, my soul talks with him…


My plea to you…

It’s Time Friend. The time is now. I’m not sure if we have been connected for a long while, or if you have recently joined me… but you opened this to read it, and so I am assuming you are enjoying my blogs… Whatever the case, I know you are seeing this on purpose, and the timing is divine too.  Let me start off … Read More My plea to you…

The Old Shovel

This morning it happened again. A bit different, but this ‘old story’ again trying to come up from the ground with that same old shovel.

Giving Grace

I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves when we see the growth in what God has done in our life…

Will you answer Gods call?

He has lost sheep that need you! And maybe YOU ARE that lost sheep, and you are reading this because God is trying to REACH YOU! Know that you are so loved, and He wants to have a relationship with YOU. Yes, YOU.

Ask, Seek, Knock

How many times in our life do we think we are asking, seeking, and knocking but are we really?


The eye is the lamp of the body

Today is day two in our reading plan for 2020. We are reading the New Testament starting with Matthew.


Not My Plan, His.

I began pleading with God and trying to see how I could get out of it. I was being flooded with all kinds of self-doubt and reasons that felt like great ones on why I shouldn’t do this….

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