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Keep Going [Hope]

I feel alone sometimes as an Entrepreneur…


My plea to you…

It’s Time Friend. The time is now. I’m not sure if we have been connected for a long while, or if you have recently joined me… but you opened this to read it, and so I am assuming you are enjoying my blogs… Whatever the case, I know you are seeing this on purpose, and the timing is divine too.  Let me start off … Read More My plea to you…


Not all storms are here to disrupt your life

A week later I thought about the book, went to open it up and felt this sickening sinking feeling in my belly. 


You have the power to change the world

To change the world doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to do anything BIG or GRAND, YET, I do believe that within each one of us IS that big or grand ‘thing’ that no one else can do.


You are stronger than you think

Sometimes life is really full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, peace and chaos. We just have to learn to be still in those lows and have balance in the highs. I know for me I felt as though my life was a representation of a snow globe and someone had shaken the crap out of it, and now I just needed to wait for the snow to settle….


Dare to Adventure

Traveling doesn’t seem easy to me like it did once before. I’ve been feeling excited, but the back of my head I can’t seem to shake off the feeling of fear. Nervousness starts to creep up and I’m doubting I’ll go.


Selfish Love

Everyone is unique in their own beauty and sometimes you don’t even have to do or use anything to be your own kind of beautiful. Even the word Beautiful…


The World Needs Your Courage!

Have you ever stopped to reflect if you are living the life you want or living the life others are telling you to live, consciously or unconsciously? So often we have been programmed in such a way…


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Saying goodbye can be hard, scary, and downright painful, right? I think about how many times we say goodbye in life, sending our children off to kindergarten for the first time or even away to college….


The pain that you went through was exactly what you needed

Have you been through an experience or situation where it’s not easy to “see the good” or focus on the blessings? Whew! Me too! I’ve been there! Still can go there! I remember many times where…


Nature Lover

I am thankful for such blessings and grateful to enjoy the many days of beauty. I wake up to a new day, where I step outside and contemplate the day. Smell the sweet perfume of flowers, hear the birds sing, gazing upon those beautiful green tall trees.


Keep Going

May you dare enough to keep running when you feel like stopping, or when quitting feels like the easier thing to do. May you feel inspired in your spirit to look up when the world is showing you to look down. May you feel empowered to surrender the weight of burden that is weighing you down. May you feel courageous enough to dream bigger … Read More Keep Going

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