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Your Now Is Not Your Forever

Do you need a little inspiration today? Recently I was blessed to have a soulful conversation with Garrison Redd. If you have ever felt like you wanted to quit, or have felt hopeless, you are going to want to watch Soul Stories Episode 8: Abled with Limitations, your now is not your forever. Garrison¬†walks us through his own journey, adversity, challenges and what he … Read More Your Now Is Not Your Forever


All Things Possible With Faith & Hope

This soul Stories interview with Nancy Castro was so much fun! Nancy brings lots of golden nuggets for us all and also ignites that desire to follow your biggest dreams!

Don’t accept your struggle as the final destination

In my happy place these days you will find me behind a microphone and camera and sharing space with some really incredible and special people. If you would have told me years ago this is what I would be doing, I honestly would have laughed at you. 


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Saying goodbye can be hard, scary, and downright painful, right? I think about how many times we say goodbye in life, sending our children off to kindergarten for the first time or even away to college….


The pain that you went through was exactly what you needed

Have you been through an experience or situation where it’s not easy to “see the good” or focus on the blessings? Whew! Me too! I’ve been there! Still can go there! I remember many times where…


Worrying and hitting the snooze button isn’t good for your health

As he drove down the road I noticed, my mind immediately drifted into worry. I started to wonder if he would get hit by car, I wondered if he would become a statistic……

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