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Soul Talk: Who Has Your Mind?

I was literally having a conversation with my son on the way to school today, my soul talks with him…


My plea to you…

It’s Time Friend. The time is now. I’m not sure if we have been connected for a long while, or if you have recently joined me… but you opened this to read it, and so I am assuming you are enjoying my blogs… Whatever the case, I know you are seeing this on purpose, and the timing is divine too.  Let me start off … Read More My plea to you…

Will you answer Gods call?

He has lost sheep that need you! And maybe YOU ARE that lost sheep, and you are reading this because God is trying to REACH YOU! Know that you are so loved, and He wants to have a relationship with YOU. Yes, YOU.


I say ‘Thank you 2019’…

This year has been a rough one for me, but not that I am complaining, it’s quite the opposite…


The Good. The Bad. The Pretty. The Ugly.

As I was having a conversation with God, He placed on my heart ‘Get your house in order’. It wasn’t the literal ‘clean your house’, I knew what that meant, it meant that I have clutter I need to clear. In that moment I realized my feeling of weighing 500 pounds.


Never break a promise to yourself

Ouch, this one hits home because I HAVE broken promises to myself. Yet, I don’t want to beat myself up, rather, moving forward I choose to practice the self-love I teach to myself. 


Not all storms are here to disrupt your life

A week later I thought about the book, went to open it up and felt this sickening sinking feeling in my belly. 



I have always been afraid to speak about all of this because I felt unworthy…


Leave the past behind…..

Living in the past keeps us from creating the life we truly crave. We cannot become who we want by holding on to who we are.


Potatoes, Eggs, or Coffee? Which would you rather be?

It’s hard to imagine that we really DO have choices with how we respond in the face of adversity or when trials are knocking on your doorstep. This story helps to really shift your perspective on the choices in how you will OVERCOME and PERSEVERE. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😉


Closed For Spiritual Maintenance

I have been in this place over the past few months where God has been working in my life in a deep way. If I were really honest, since leaving Idaho and moving to the South I feel as though my life has been in a ‘holding position’ in a weird kind of way…..


Faith, Patience, and Perseverance

I do tend to get ahead of myself and others sometimes because I am a ‘do-er’. You know the type, roll your sleeves up and get shit done. Yea, sometimes that works incredibly well and I have much success to show in my life for that kind of action.

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