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Love Thy Neighbor….

Sometimes we assume that neighbor means someone who lives next door or someone we know in our neighborhood. But in Luke 10, Jesus told the parable of the good Samaritan to teach that our love for our neighbors shouldn’t have barriers. The man from Samaria freely gave to a wounded stranger, even though the man was a Jew, part of a group that was at odds with the Samaritans, in Luke 10:25-37…..


I Surrender… Philippians 4:6-7

Faith can move mountains, because now when I think about some of those low times when we were going through that, it doesn’t even feel like my story now. Because I can see the growth and the wonderful things that have flourished in my relationship that oddly enough came from going through that.


Joy, a fruit of the spirit

Today is my Mom’s Birthday. She’s in heaven now, and has been for 16 years now. It still is painful, and a few years ago, I would dread two times every year….


As I hang my head in shame….

In that very moment, my heart broke. So many feelings were flooded in my belly, my heart and my head. I realized that he was a young black man and here I am a blonde white woman,


Expressions with a Mission

Often I think about how our world would be a better place if we all just did one thing every single day for another person. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Think about the overflow of love, compassion, service and kindness that would be spread around! Well, in this Episode Soul Stories, with Dinora Arteaga I was so touched by how big her heart opened up … Read More Expressions with a Mission


Closed For Spiritual Maintenance

I have been in this place over the past few months where God has been working in my life in a deep way. If I were really honest, since leaving Idaho and moving to the South I feel as though my life has been in a ‘holding position’ in a weird kind of way…..


Faith, Patience, and Perseverance

I do tend to get ahead of myself and others sometimes because I am a ‘do-er’. You know the type, roll your sleeves up and get shit done. Yea, sometimes that works incredibly well and I have much success to show in my life for that kind of action.


The World Needs Your Courage!

Have you ever stopped to reflect if you are living the life you want or living the life others are telling you to live, consciously or unconsciously? So often we have been programmed in such a way…


When you stop taking things personal, you will be unstoppable

Episode #9 Listen Here How many times do you take things personal? Whether it’s someone who has said something to you or done something that you may feel like it’s a personal attack against you? Many of us have done this and it’s not fun because what usually follows is self-sabotage or the negative inner chatter. Here are a few Shift~Align~Transform Techniques to assist you … Read More When you stop taking things personal, you will be unstoppable

What’s In a Flaw?

I had a very profound conversation with my trainer, she asked me ‘what are your reasons for pursuing this’?


The Story of an Art Table

I stared at the art table and goosebumps rose up on my body, my heart felt full and tears filled my eyes. What I saw was a story…..


Practicing The Art of Love: Acting vs Reacting

Energetically speaking, we know that love and fear can’t share the same space. In relationships do you find that….

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