As I sit here this morning in prayer I said to God, why is it my last session? It finally was beginning to feel comfortable! And then I remembered even the words that came out of my own very mouth on this last episode of Soulfood Sundays with John Garay where I said “God doesn’t want us comfortable, because when we are comfortable we aren’t growing”. I immediately knew that was my answer. 

A few weeks ago the Lord put on my heart to once again make room in my schedule and ‘clear my plate’. I’m not exactly sure the whole reason, but this time around, I fully trust. It’s interesting that the last recorded Soufood Sundays was about Faith because I am right in the mix of my own faith in the process (God, you are so good!). I wish I could say “oh, it was in the masterplan to end with the session being on faith” because doesn’t it fit so well together? LOL, but the truth is, it just ‘happened’, and that is what is so awesome. 

So this last episode with John Garay was bittersweet because I announced that I feel God placing it on my heart to take a step back away from Soulfood Sundays as He continues to work on me and in me. I have given full reigns to God and everyday I ask Him to direct my footsteps, even if I don’t like what He wants for me. I trust, I have faith in Him, because He IS good and has continuously proven Himself to me. I want to be a testimony for many who may feel lost like I once had felt. As the old song says ‘I was once lost but now I am found‘. 


The truth is God WANTS to have an intimate relationship with YOU. He wants you to come to him with all of your questions, concerns, troubles, and also all of your celebrations and the good things happening in your life too! He is faithful, and John and I wanted to share our message about Faith and you can watch the whole episode HERE. And while you are there, subscribe to the channel so you can get the daily Soulfood and Grace message that God is placing on my heart to share each day. 

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I pray for you today, may God walk with you, direct your steps, answer all of your questions as you seek a deeper relationship with Him. May each passing day bring more hope, more light, more laughter, more fun, and more fulfilling and loving relationships. I love you and you can sign up for a FREE month membership to The Soul Collective HERE. I designed a membership that will help support you in building your relationships up in your life. Filling your life with more soulfood, with more Jesus, with more love, and taking better care of YOU! If you decide that you LOVE it, it’s only $17 a month after that and I would love to have you stay! 

Be Blessed!


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2 Comments on “Faith Can Move Mountains

  1. This was such a great experience. It is an honor to be able to share your platform with you. I wish you all the best as the Lord prepares you for the next season of your journey. Praying for you my friend. 🙂

    • Thank you so much John! I am receiving those prayers, and I am also praying for you 🙂

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