Hello my friend, I’m so happy you are here and you found this however you were led. I want to share a bit of my morning with you, as today my response was incredibly different than it would have been years ago, even last year. And within that I discovered I have given myself grace in areas where I used to be super critical of myself (and probably others too).

This morning I went live on my Youtube Channel for DAY 8, in the Bible in 2020, (we are starting in the New Testament). Wow, it was a bit of a mess to say the least. First, I began stumbling over my notes, but couldn’t figure out why. Our reading plan today is Matthew 22-24, and as I began sharing I went right on through to the next day, sharing some of 25 and 26 without even realizing it. On some level I did because I kept staring at my notes, and I think I got lost in the message…

Which isn’t a bad thing right? But I even knew I looked like a hot mess today. That is the thing about the live videos that DOES NOT offer grace! It’s also a reason why so many people shy away from sharing from their heart or going live because of fear of ‘looking like a fool’. Well, this is why I wanted to share this message here today, because that was me too. I’m not saying I don’t feel some of those same things today, but it’s so much different. I used to record videos, delete and redo them because I felt like maybe I said the wrong things or my hair didn’t look right. Today, I am showing up without my hair being done and just being me.

I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves when we see the growth in what God has done in our life, and that is me right now, today. After ending the first video, I realized that I was sharing some of Day 9 ! I thought to myself, no wonder I was feeling like a mess! I was caught up in the moment and kept going on, and didn’t even realize I had carried on. So I contemplated, I could leave it up, but because of people listening later and keeping it organized for them I chose to delete that first video and re-do the live recording. Which I did right after. I had a few live viewers that saw that first message, but I have to trust that it is as is supposed to be.

I did share in the new video what had happened, but I hope that by reading this that you can give YOURSELF grace in areas where you may be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack today, please. It doesn’t mean that you don’t hold yourself accountable where it is needed, but would you constantly criticize your child for making mistakes? No. Or at least I hope not. You would be disappointed sometimes but you would get over it. I think we give our kids and others in our lives grace before we do for ourselves many times.

And if by chance there is something holding you back from making a move forward because you are worried about how others will perceive you, what they will say or do, I hope this message also offers grace. And by the words we read in today’s reading OR in this message here, may it be the soulfood that helps navigate the way for YOU to do ‘that thing’ you have not been doing. God offers grace to us, and you should as well.

The fear itself can be so debilitating, but more times than not the fear of what ‘could’ happen is much worse than how it ends up being. Because let me say this as nicely as I can today, (and I feel very passionate about this), and that is, whoever is going to judge you for whatever you are doing, is a reflection of their heart. And to be honest, you don’t need them in your life. Focus on the many others who DO love you and give you grace. Build a life with those people, and focus on that.

There have been too many years in my life where I focused on the wrong people, and trying to get their approval or whatever…. Now, I am no longer willing to sacrifice who I am so my focus is driven elsewhere. Where in your life are you focusing on the things, people, situations that God is asking you to let go of? Where have you not allowed for grace to come in for yourself? Or possibly others? As you go about your day today, may you be reminded of the things that are important in your life. And may the grace come in not only for your life but others around you as well.

Remember, a flower is beautiful as it is. When it is picked it begins to wilt and die. So leave the flower the way that it is. Love is about appreciation and not about possession.

May today’s message of soulfood nourish you today, here is to your purpose and all that you are,

Thank you for the beautiful photo by Bradley Swenson on Unsplash

Week 1:

Day 1: 

Read Matthew 1-3

Day 2: 

Read Matthew 4-6

Day 3:

Read Matthew 7-9

Day 4:

Read Matthew 10-12

Day 5:

Read Matthew 13-15

Day 6:

Read Matthew 16-18

Day 7:

Read Matthew 19-21

Week 2:

Day 8:

Read Matthew 22-24

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