Today is day 41 in reading the bible in a year, and specifically we are starting in the New Testament and reading the New Testament in 90 days. Today our reading is Romans 5-7, (CLICK HERE for the video today) I shared today something that after praying for a friend that the Lord was communicating to me and I wanted to share it here with you.

While in prayer this morning God shared with me that He is developing my patience, and how He wants me to hear with my heart not just my mind. The bible uses the word heart in a figurative sense referring to the inner parts of our being, our thoughts, emotions and will.

God is interested in our hearts.

It is important that we hear His word and yes He wants to increase our knowledge of His word with our mind, but He intends for the POWER of His word to affect our hearts so as we go out into the world we are changed to become more like Christ. May you be blessed today and go out into the world and know that YOU are loved. You are loved and God is Good! That was a message from our pastors yesterday, and too good and relevant not to share here. I hope this is good soulfood for you today, have a great week and we will see you in the morning!

Lots of love! Here is to your purpose and all that you were created to BE,

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