Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the steps needed to achieve your BIG DREAM? What you feel God created you for? Well, today, I reflected on an old blog I posted in 2017. I am sharing it again here for you again. And in this message there is offering for faith, #hope, and love.

For those who may have felt like giving up, or maybe you don’t feel like giving up but you feel overwhelmed by the small details of things, I pray that you are inspired by Jack Ma’s story. So many people can relate to his story about perseverance, about falling down and standing back up, and having the courage to believe in yourelf when others are discouraging you. 

For me I relate to this because I feel alone sometimes as an entrepreneur. Family doesn’t understand you, friends and others don’t always understand you either sometimes it’s because they have the ‘regular 9 to 5 job’ it is hard to relate. It can be a lonely place, and it’s why it’s important that you surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who totally understand. It helps give strength to those walls that you are building so you don’t feel like its all going to collapse in.

So here it is…. Listen to Jack Ma’s story, how many times he tried and failed, and how he just kept going…. May it give you some inspiration and encouragement today as well.

Remember, to let go and let God. It helps to have living examples, but also be reminded of Jesus’ living example too. He overcame the BIGGEST obstacles, and even being betrayed by those that were closest to Him, remember Peter? And toward the end of His life, and in His last days He knew that people were trying to trap Him.

And if you want to learn more about that timeframe in the living word of God, today and yesterdays video (day 22 and 23) we are discussing this as we are reading the new testament right now. You can see these videos below at the bottom.

Lots of love! Here is to your purpose and all that you were created to BE,

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DAY 22 Read The Bible in a Year
Day 23 Read The Bible in a Year

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