How many times have you heard this or even thought this? And yet, we sometimes it’s still hard. We can obsess, we can ‘wallow’ in our pain, we can beat ourselves up, or even hold on to painful things and bring them up over and over. 

Living in the past keeps us from creating the life we truly crave. I was flipping through my Instagram account earlier and found a post I shared last year, and it’s so relevant for this topic! 

“We cannot become who we want to be by holding on to who we are”

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I want to share with you 5 simple tips I gave tonight for GETTING UNSTUCK if you are living in the past, or living in some past pain or situation.

♥ Express your pain and own your part of what happened

♥ Stop being the victim and blaming others

♥ Forgive yourself and the others

♥ Make a decision to let it go

♥ Focus on today, the present moment 

♥ I’m happy to be on this journey with you! RE-member, that YOU are PERFECT just as God created you!  ♥

I love you, be Blessed!


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