“Fear; what is fear Mami” my almost three year olds asks me. I take a deep breath as I am thinking oh, no where do I begin. The first words that come out of me is, “Fear does not exist; it is something that we create”. But obviously he has heard this word and has used it in several contexts that demonstrate he is in fear base moment. When he first began to say, “Tengo miedo (I am afraid)” my response was, “Don’t be afraid; you are not alone. God and the Angels are with you”. But, when he asked me what fear was I really had to pause for a moment. 

My mind began to take me to all of the times I lived in a fear based mode only to come to find out that everything worked out. Though I will humbly admit that I did live in fear and sometimes slip back into fear.  I could create a million stories why everything would go wrong and I personally felt more comfortable being in a fear based mode. I ask myself but why would you find more comfort in living a “fearful life”?

The simple answer was because I was comfortable and had no idea how I could get past that fear based environment and allow my heart and mind to be present to a different frame of mind. For example, why couldn’t I allow myself to think of the positive outcomes or not stress over things that I had absolutely no control? The simple answer was because I was not been exposed to think outside the box when it came to my OWN thinking and reflection on fear.

Another reason was not having unwavering faith that things could really go amazingly well and that I was not alone on my journey. I could really ask for help from my Divine Source and know that all would be well. Most importantly, I never conceptualized that fear was something that humankind created and therefore it could be uncreated so I had the opportunity to un-create something that really did not exist. It has taken me three years to reach this “ah-ha” moment and trust me it is still a work in progress but it is  in progress.

Fear has taken me to some dark places where I felt there was no hope, but only expected the worst. And guess what? That is exactly what I got; a situation that was in a low vibration. I created this scenario and the actors and actresses just arrived based on what I was projecting to the universe. It was not good, bad, right, or wrong but simply an experience that I was creating from a feeling. At first it was an idea that seemed very difficult to understand and much less embrace.

And when it came to fear, oh beware because I had not filter of making that feeling go away. In fact I just amplified that feeling and it became stronger and stronger to the point it dominated so much of thinking and being. It was not a pretty picture and caused much pain and heartache in my life. With gentle and wise guidance from my mentors I was reminded that asking for helping was crucial and to let go, and let God take over the rest which meant letting go of my control. This was not easy and I found every reason within me to go against this new idea.

But one day in complete desperation I allowed myself the opportunity to soak in a new idea since fear had blocked me and was not serving me in any way that was useful rather it was occupying time and energy from my precious life. The moment I let go of the control, asked for help and allowed myself to visualize the best outcome then everything changed within a matter of days. I went from feeling completely hopeless to hopeful! I could not believe it, but it was true. My prayer was answered in the most awesome way and the solution was beyond anything I could imagine. Wow! Just writing about this gives me so much hope in remembering that we are in control of our feelings 100% of the time.

Yes, fear does exist but ONLY if we allow it to permeate out mind, body, soul and heart. WE choose what we feed our mind and heart. What are you feeding your mind and heart today? Whatever you feed your mind it believes it. There is never a good, bad, right or wrong choice but simply an experience. So when you dip into the feelings that are low vibration or that do not serve you then place your hand over your heart, take three deep breaths and ask your Creator and Team for a solution. Let go and let God and have unwavering faith that all will be well. Letting go allows perfect and unimaginable solutions to surface rather than forcing an expectation that may not become a reality.

So, as I journey with my toddler I am grateful for the new shift of mind and heart I have had because together we can both create amazing experiences filled with hope and most importantly create love and not fear! And when there is pure love permeating in and out of our souls then we reach those “ah-ha” and miraculous moments!

Where there is hope, there is no fear.
Be Fearless and you will see the beautiful blessings! 

Maricela Ríos
Sisterhood Connections Director of Leadership

Maricela is the Director of Leadership for Sisterhood Connections, a Global Women’s Empowerment Organization and also CEO of Dream 2 BE. Read more HERE about Maricela.

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