Have you been worrying about money recently? Beyond that have you been feeling lost,tired and unfulfilled?
I won’t be surprised if you answer yes because you are not alone! I read recently that in the US alone 90% of Americans are stressed about money, it doesn’t help with feeling all wonderful about abundance does it? It may not seem like it at times but you do have more control over the prosperity in your life than you think, yes you do, trust me (I know from experience) and guess what it all starts with YOU.

So many clients I speak to have shackled themselves to the vows of poverty, belief in lack, a story that things will never change for them, without even realizing it’s because of deep rooted money beliefs in the subconscious.
Sometimes even the ones that do realize their pitfalls struggle to bridge the gap between changing their beliefs and the story of lack they are still telling themselves.  Often the challenge includes openly talking about money and not feeling it’s something sinful, gross and dirty, not being able to talk about it is part of the problem in the first place!

So is prosperity a way of life for you? because if you think you will never have it then guess what? I’m sorry to say you never will. Remember It’s always ‘More Than Money’, think of those people that have prosperity in all aspects of their life, what’s different about them?

If you find yourself saying it’s easier for them? Then yes it might be, but what makes it easier for them? I bet if you dig a little deeper you will find they have an unwavering why and an unwavering belief that they are deserving of prosperity,they expect it without a shadow of a doubt!

I can tell we have much to chat about!, so until next time there are 7 questions below for you to begin thinking about your money beliefs.

  1. How do you feel about money?
  2. How does talking about money make you feel?
  3. What are your expectations about money?
  4. What were you told about money growing up?
  5. How do you feel about people who have money?
  6. Do you believe that you can have prosperity in your life
  7. What’s stopping you from creating abundance in your life?


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By the way don’t be afraid to spend money to make money – lack of investment in yourself will most certainly hold you back and perpetuate those money fears!

Keep dreaming big and sowing the seeds of abundance!
With love Raj


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