It’s Time Friend.

The time is now.

I’m not sure if we have been connected for a long while, or if you have recently joined me… but you opened this to read it, and so I am assuming you are enjoying my blogs…

Whatever the case, I know you are seeing this on purpose, and the timing is divine too. 

Let me start off by saying that 2020 has already started off to be very interesting! And I want to share what I have been seeing within my community and the people around me, but also want to share a little bit about me. I am hoping that wherever you are at in your own journey that it gives you some soulfood and/or grace for your path.

This Sunday our church is having a service in the evening called 20/20 Vision Night. And as I was thinking how cool the symbolic message is for this year, I also think about when we go to the eye Dr and we are getting our vision checked. We are hoping we get the ‘you are 20/20 and good to go’. 

As I was pondering the 20/20 this morning, I was thinking about how many of us want to have clarity, and a clear vision for what it is we want to do. We ponder what we see for our future and our life, and try to look forward with 20/20 in mind and not looking behind. 

YET, I do want to reflect in the past for a moment, because I think that by sharing where I once was, it may help empower YOU for your 20/20 vision for your future. So let’s go there…

2009: I was in front of my computer trying to record my first video for Youtube. My first channel was called BEmpowered. I don’t know how many times I would start over, trying to re-record, and how many times I cried. I felt things like ‘I looked stupid, I keep saying um’, it was so annoying…. I’m sure you understand, that inner chatter that isn’t so positive. Well, let’s fast forward to 2020: I am showing up each morning on my new Youtube Channel, Soulfood and Grace, completely outside of my comfort zone, many times in my pj’s because it’s 5:15am, reading the bible. NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would be doing ANYTHING like this. And I started January 1, 2020. Each and everyday. (You can check them out HERE) And although it’s still not perfect, because I fought doing this for 2020 (I explain it all here in Day One), but I am here doing it. 

2015: It was a big year, leaving my corporate position the year before, I said goodby to family and friends and closed my office that I had in Boise Idaho. Only to be speared into this “I need to figure out this online stuff out fast”, mostly because what we ‘thought’ was waiting for us in Texas, turned out to be a complete disastrous nightmare! (I share bits of that HERE if you want to read more) 2020: I am working with 13 other authors and will be releasing our first book in the anthology series Soul Stories: ‘Soulfood and Grace’. I have 10 clients that are in an Exclusive Mentorship 12-Month Program, and an online course called ‘Path To Purpose’ that will help people to find their purpose, spiritual gifts, and divine design. (oh and I work PT at LSU!) 

Why am I sharing this?
It’s definitely not to brag. 
Because the truth is, I have spent tons of hours crying, feeling like a failure, feeling like I would never be able to achieve the things I know in my heart that God has on my life. And I’m still not there. Not even close.

But how did I achieve these things?
Gosh, I wish I could insert here that I have a ‘golden ticket’ for you to just do and solve all of your problems, (although I do have a waitlist because I will be helping entrepreneurs in the future and share with them all of the things I did: JOIN THE WAITLIST HERE), but the truth is its simply this….

The times I wanted to quit, I didn’t. 

I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you to NOT GIVE UP! 
Maybe there is something that you just have really been wanting to do, but just can’t. Maybe you can’t find the courage, the confidence, the strength…. 

Let this email be your sign today that you can do anything you put your mind on. (With God all things are possible!)

When you are fiercely faithful in your life, you will find that although it may not be an easy, smooth road, as mine has been the narrow and bumpy one, but pardon me while I go on a tangent with my parable and analogy….

I feel like when we want everything handed to us, or the course is easier, we have an expectation that the road will be smoothly paved. And some people have that experience. They have the right team, the right money to invest, the right coaches…. yada, yada. But sometimes that ‘smooth road’ can be someone driving down the smooth paved road in a Corvette going 100 miles per hour and they are highly driven and successful (no judgment here, and not that this is a problem) But they really haven’t taken the time to pick that wild flower on the side of the road (our blessings along the way) and really enjoying the trip there.

Do you know what I’m saying?

like really.

I feel like this narrow bumpy path I have been on, isn’t even big enough for a car. It’s taken longer than I wanted, but it all was ON PURPOSE, and for a bigger purpose. I have developed and grown, and God was molding me. He was shaping me. And recently I realized He has been strengthening me. Preparing me for the journey that lies ahead. I’m so grateful for it.

Sounds so odd to say that, let alone admit it. But it’s true. I love who I am today, and everything I have done to get here

So please… My plea, don’t let someone else’s measures for success be what boxes you in. You already are successful if you see it for yourself. Everyone has a different idea about what success or success looks like, so why hurt yourself comparing yourself. If you feel disappointed when you look at others on social media or when you see a certain person, unfollow them for a while. Take a break from social media. It’s not forever, get through the mental hump and take care of yourself.

Dream Big. Don’t give up. 
You can do this. 
I believe in you and so does God. 

Lots of love! Here is to your purpose and all that you were created to BE,

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