Not all storms are here to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

Sometimes hitting that reset button is more than you anticipated. Start over from scratch. I have to share something painful YET as I say it I have this inner whisper knowing that it’s exactly as it’s supposed to be. I woke one morning a year ago with this HUGE inspiration to begin writing another book. I remember it was so strong that the words were flowing faster than I could type… wow, I literally had a book that was getting ready to be released and I remember thinking ‘another book already’? If you would have told me years ago that I would be an author and be writing not just A BOOK, but books, I would have laughed and called you crazy. You see, I have never really liked writing. I remember whenever I had to write a book report in school I really struggled. I never enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading just not articulating what I read. 

Ok, let’s get back to my point, haha. SO As I began to write, for three days the words kept coming. With each book I write it keeps getting easier and more fun! Now it’s been a week of on and off writing and I have roughly 50 pages…. Staying up late with little sleep and not feeling tired at all. Wow! This is so awesome I remember thinking. I can see how some authors can write a book a year at this rate! Then…..


Really? What just happened? It was all flowing so perfectly divine and intense, and now what? (Birds chirping) Ok God, I will wait to hear you again, and I will wait to hear my own inner self again. Weekly I would open up the pages and just stare at it. Nope, not here yet… isn’t that interesting? Months go by and then in March I had some computer issues, and I needed to clear some stuff off of it. (Lord knows my poor computer gets overworked! LOL) So I spent a day deleting so many old files and documents and photos that I no longer needed. It was a big job but it did the trick! A week later I thought about the book, went to open it up and felt this sickening sinking feeling in my belly. 

Oh. my. gosh! Where did it go? I began to frantically look for it opening up every single file that I had. Where was it? I KNOW that I put it in my folder that says book inspirations. What happened? I began to ask God, ‘Ok, if I am meant to continue to create this book, please God, help me find this file’. How could I have deleted that? I mean, nothing else was deleted in there! That was a few months ago, and every now and then when I would think about it, I would feel sick. There was so much in those pages that felt so perfect, so aligned! 

And today, as I am sharing this, I feel like what I began to write in those 50 pages created a foundation for knowledge and wisdom that God was implanting into me. Those exact words may not be shared with the world ever, yet, I began writing it again. This time, what followed was reopening my healing art. In 2009 I started randomly feeling inspired to do individual healing art for my clients that I was working with. They were more personalized and for specific people. Well, the other night, I opened a word document and before I knew it, the words began flowing again. Wow, the title too. It’s a beautiful thing. Last night as I was writing in it, that is when the inspiration for the healing art came FLOODING back in yet, this time they were much different! I was up until 3am with these visions. I could see them and a word that came with the art (words have a frequency), AND the story will continue……

The purpose of why I am sharing this was to impart to you that sometimes when there is a storm or a disappointment that shows up in your life, it isn’t always what it appears to be. The storm sometimes comes to clear your path. Sometimes the storm comes to wash the troubles away. Sometimes the storm comes so that you can appreciate the clean air after it passes. Today as I reflect on that book, I giggle to myself because I know that I wasn’t ready. God and I are the only ones that knew what was in there, and that makes it special. The new book that is brewing now is way better than I could have ever imagined. And for that, I am grateful because this is truly a deeper expansion of faith for me. Really trusting that everything that happens, good/bad/ugly/pretty, is all a beautiful part of my canvas of life and I get to choose how I see the canvas. If I don’t like it, God gives me a clean one everyday to start over if I want. And sometimes, I may be given a clean one because it is what is best.

May this reach your heart and inspire your soul. May you know that there is a God and there is a plan for your life.


I love you, be Blessed!


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