Give up the resolutions this year!

Hey Soul Sister/Brother!

As we enter into 2018, I want to suggest that we try something different this year.

Studies show that approximately 40% of people make New Year’s resolutions, I thought that number was extremely high! Want to know the thing that surprised me more? That only between 8–19% of people actually follow through on fulfilling those promises two years later! This means that 81–92% of people who make New Years Resolutions wind up feeling disappointed with themselves and even feeling like undisciplined losers…

Am I right? I know that in the past when I was playing in that consciousness, it was a trap for me. A self-sabotaging trap!

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Day 5: 12 Days To Christmas


This 12 Days To Christmas has honestly, been 


This has filled my spirit more than anything! 

Have you missed one of these LIVE sessions?

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Today’s inspirational message is… 

Making the most of family time:

Involve your partner and kids

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Selfish Love

Selfish-love what is the meaning of this word to you? For me, it means loving yourself just the way you are, the way you look, the way you act, and the way you feel despite what others might say. Some of us have a hard time accepting the type of human we are. We want to look just as great as any other woman we might crush on. We want to look just as good or even better right? The comparison is one of the most terrible ways you can do to bring your self-esteem down. So stop right now and think about the things that you love about yourself! Sure some women are born with natural beauty and that is the truth! Some of us are born special made haha, winky face because you know what I mean. We have things that we don’t like from our bodies, to our skin, to our personalities to the way we dress up.

We start to pick on us, we look at our flaws and find things that we just hate about ourselves! I know I’ve been there, these are just feelings that shouldn’t even be there at all but are. We are all born with our own uniqueness, our own personality, our own style, our own mark. And yet we can’t accept the way we were made. We fall for people’s judgments so easily they don’t seem to know how hard it can be for us. Could it be hate or just plain jealousy? Nobody knows because, in reality, nobody will tell you how they feel or what makes them they say rude comments about you or to you. Know that the person who has ever said anything about you has their own insecurities. Everyone hides them and everyone is too blind to see their mistakes. It’s so easy to say hateful words but it’s so hard to forget.

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The World Needs Your Courage!

Take courage to be that person who lives within you. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we let perfection take over our minds. We constantly strive to not let the world down, but often times we are so focused on the outer world that we forget about ourselves. And this is where we forget to take courage to be that person that lives within us.

Have you ever stopped to reflect if you are living the life you want or living the life others are telling you to live, consciously or unconsciously? So often we have been programmed in such a way that we really don’t stop to take that sacred space to evaluate if we are merely living the life that others are telling us to live. Furthermore, we don’t make the connection that we are veering away further away from our heart, our dreams, our goals, and the Spirit that lives within us. As we move away, we let go of the courage to be our authentic radiant selves. We forget that we also are divine and significant.

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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Episode #13

“In our everyday life we are so busy moving on to the next task or the next interaction with someone that it can feel like we never finish one thing before starting the next. A mindful goodbye allows you to fully absorb your experience so that it can become part of your learning.” — Gretchen Schmelzer, a psychologist and the author of “Journey Through Trauma.”

Saying goodbye can be hard, scary, and downright painful, right? I think about how many times we say goodbye in life, sending our children off to kindergarten for the first time or even away to college. We say goodbye to jobs, homes, pets, marriages, the list is endless! How do you take goodbyes? I will admit one of the hardest goodbyes I have had has been leaving my daughter in a city and college half-way across the United States! I cried for days! No matter what the goodbyes are they can be hard. 

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The pain that you went through was exactly what you needed to expand your light


Gosh! This was an uncomfortable message to share in Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration! Sometimes what is inspired in me to share with everyone is not always the easy thing to say. 

heart icon

Have you been through an experience or situation where it’s not easy to “see the good” or focus on the blessings? Whew! Me too! I’ve been there! Still can go there! I remember many times where I pray about it and ask God “really!? Ok, God, where are the blessings in this situation”! Have you felt that way? Sometimes being able to expand and see the light takes time, especially if we are still emotionally engaging in the experience or memory. Give yourself some time to get through it without judgment. And when you are ready to shift the way you feel and the way that you are engaging in the memory, set aside all of the pain and hurt long enough for you to ask yourself these short questions:

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Worrying and hitting the snooze button isn’t good for your health

Episode #10

Is worrying affecting you or debilitating you in your life? In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration I shared about how worrying can really affect your life, your motivation, and your health!

This topic was inspired today from an email I received from one of the sisters in our Sisterhood Connections group, and although I am going to share the email, I am leaving her name anonymous per her request. Worrying is something that many people struggle with. Some more than others, yet it’s a human emotion that I would say everyone has experienced at least once or twice even if they feel like they don’t worry.

Take a couple of minutes out of your day right now and take some deep breaths, set your intentions (mindfulness) and connect to your inspirations (Heart/God flow).

Connect: Do you currently worry about things that really are out of your control? To what degree do you worry? Don’t judge yourself, today focus on that forgiveness. The awareness is here that you may do that, and now take this moment to just forgive yourself. Acknowledge and accept, and then you can move through the emotion so you can change the outcome. What would you like to accomplish from today and going into the next week? Connect to that, think about it and now bring your awareness into your heart and ask yourself for a solution to accomplish what it is that you just thought. Let that go and see what comes forward in the next few days!

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When you stop taking things personal, you will be unstoppable

Episode #9 Listen Here

How many times do you take things personal? Whether it’s someone who has said something to you or done something that you may feel like it’s a personal attack against you? Many of us have done this and it’s not fun because what usually follows is self-sabotage or the negative inner chatter.

Here are a few Shift~Align~Transform Techniques to assist you in situations where you may be having a knee-jerk reaction (emotional response):

Evaluate the importance of the relationship and what it means to you. Process these questions: How heavily invested are you in this individual? Are you spending more of the time unhappy in this relationship or happy? Do you feel like you walk on eggshells around this person and always need to be agreeable to keep the peace? Do you feel like you need this person’s approval? 

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Nature Lover

Growing up I’ve always loved being outside, I called my self an outdoor monkey. I loved exploring everywhere and always seem to come home looking like a mess. My parents used to live near a farm and I always seemed to enjoy running into the fields. Feeling the wispy touch of the grain stems on my skin. Climbing bails of hay that were stacked up high. Or going into the mountains and climbing the highest hill, listening to the wolves howl at night, laying outside on the grass, looking up at the beautiful starry sky. I love nature with all its beauty, with all its colors, the feeling of happiness running through my soul. These are memories I will forever cherish, the habits I will never change!

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