Soul Stories

Get motivated to inspire transformation in your life and business! Join Jena and her guests as they share powerful soul stories to inspire you to a life infused with increased joy, more meaningful relationships, and healthier living in all areas of your life and business! Soul Stories will bring tears to your eyes, give you moments of goosebumps, and leave you feeling renewed. This is the show for men and women who crave to live a more spiritually driven, conscious, and empowered life!

Episode 6: Bringing Your Happiness Back with Michael Dake


Do you feel stressed or stuck? Is it hard for you to answer the question ‘what makes you happy?’ Well in this episode of Soul Stories Michael Dake walks us through his own journey with the pressures and demands of a high stress job robbed him from experiencing happiness and grace and flow. Now he helps people all over the world to find and discover what makes them happy. This episode will remind you of how to be in your heart and to live life with grace and flow.

Episode 5: Fierce Love: Don’t just tolerate life with Michelle Anhang

Have you ever experienced something in your life that has triggered you with shame, bound you with fear and afraid to speak the truth because of the fear of what people may think, or what people will say? Join Jena as she has a soulful conversation with Michelle Anhang who courageously shares her own painful story that has led to her own expansion of fierce love. Michelle brings us into her world and shares how she took her power back and the difference she is making in the world in the face of adversity.

Soul Stories-Episode 4: Geography of the Soul With James Kevin O’Connor

Singer, songwriter, podcaster/Radio & TV personality, and music producer James Kevin O’Connor is also the Founder/Chairman/CEO of the James O’Connor Agency based in Nashville TN, which represents global talent including singers/songwriters, actors, models, bands, authors and keynote speakers. He has written, produced, and performed on many of his own solo albums through the years, including, “175 Cherry Lane”, and his two latest, “Geography of the Soul” and “Gratitude”, which were recorded on Music Row in Nashville, TN with “A list” musicians, and producer, Kim Copeland. James has hosted over 177 podcasts with artists from around the world, through his show dHarmic Evolution. 

Soul Stories-Episode 3: Expressions With A Mission with Dinora Arteaga

Dinora Arteaga is the founder of Nini Expressions, a project dedicated to changing lives and empower women to believe in themselves and in their talents. She is a passionate soulpreneur who loves and enjoys nature. In 2012, the idea of Nini Expressions “Expressions with a Mission” originated from this desire to help single mothers and poor families in El Salvador.

Soul Stories – Episode 2: Don’t accept your struggle as the final destination

In this episode John Garay shares how you can be set free from the negative blocks in your life when you really own your own story and face your fears. John takes us through the challenges that he had in a 7 year timeframe where he was on this mission to serve more, to be a better man, husband, father, and pastor. This soul story will leave you feeling inspired and give hope that when you shift your mindset to a more positive outlook that everything changes!

Soul Stories – Episode 1: Fear is a reaction; Courage is a decision

Soul Stories with Tiffany Hart, she is an inspirational woman who shines from the inside out. Being around Tiffany will make you smile, and leave you feeling courageous! Tiffany shares her vulnerable yet powerful story in a way that is sure to give you goosebumps! Grab your favorite cup of joe because you are about to have your soul fed! Connect with Tiffany on Instagram @hartchanges to follow her powerful transformation and connect with ways to end homelessness.

Soul Stories – Pilot Episode: This is where faith comes in

We all have times in our life where things may feel like they are falling apart, and yet it’s in those times where things are falling apart that important things fall together. And sometimes what you have really been praying about can’t come to you because you are misaligned with what you are praying for. Because what you are currently doing and who is in your life is not in the same path for where you are headed. This is where faith comes in and you trust that everything is working out for you and not to you. And sometimes it takes losing what you are currently settling for to realize what you truly deserve. And sometimes taking that uncomfortable path leads you to your highest purpose.

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