In Florida, there’s been LOTS of rain EVERYDAY!

While the skies were blue this morning, I took the opportunity to go for a walk and soak in some natural vitamin D. I walked my usual “path”, looking at the usual trees (checking out the neighbor’s mango trees), the usual yards with beautiful landscaping and flowers (wishing I could pick some flowers and always wondering how their yard could be kept weed-free), nodding to the joggers as they passed by (wondering how they could jog in this heat) and all the other thoughts that normally consumed my brain!

BUT, I LOVE when God opens my eyes to SEE something new. My eyes gazed down to the sidewalk and there in front of me were the most beautiful designs across the sidewalk created by the shadows of the trees!  The designs were fascinating and my morning walk became a quest to seek out the different designs on the sidewalks! I was in total amazement at the beauty dancing on the sidewalks.  For the rest of the walk I kept my focus RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Once I got home I couldn’t help to think about  how many times on my life path did I look to the right or to the left?  Or I focused on what everyone else was doing?  Or I got sidetracked with life busy-ness. How many days/weeks and yes, even years, did I go through the same motions, same mind set and same attitude towards everything and everyone?

Where are you looking?  What are you seeking?  Maybe it’s time to look RIGHT IN FRONT of you!  What “sidewalk art” are you missing out on?

My walks will never be the same and I’m so thankful for the reminder! I would love to hear what “sidewalk art” you have experienced!

Courageous expression from the heART together,

~ Carlyn
Director of Creative Art
Sisterhood Connections

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