Gosh, today is the BIG DAY FRIENDS! I am so excited……!!!!!!

Sooooo, ‘Step forward and shine’, this is what it means to me:

  • To let your personality and character show: Unapologetically show up and be proud of who you are. Just. How. God. Created. You. Then you can Step forward and shine!
  • Nurture relationships: This also includes the relationship with yourself! You can really step forward and shine when you are honoring sacred relationships first.
  • Honoring your self-care: Ensuring that your cup is full so you can give to others, which allows you to step forward and shine.
  • Embracing a positive mindset: This helps you to build that confidence for future endeavors enabling you to STEP FORWARD AND SHINE!

I not only feel excited but I also feel very blessed and grateful to have been able to share this space with over 30 other authors as we release the PRE-SALE to “STEP FORWARD AND SHINE” anthology! 

This is a powerful book launching on Amazon today, and I want to invite you to join myself and others and say yes to purchasing “Step Forward and SHINE” during our Best Selling Campaign PRE-SALE for the first 24-72 hours of its release on Amazon. This book is a powerful anthology that will inspire, encourage, equip and empower you to Step Forward and Shine no matter what you may have faced in life. PRE-ORDER HERE

We are honored to bring this transformational book, Step Forward and SHINE! This powerful anthology includes over 30 powerful authors who share their personal stories, first-hand experiences, and expert tips to help you Step Forward and SHINE in your life. Reading and sharing this book will encourage Women and Men around the world to take action, be seen, heard and SHINE!”  PRE-ORDER HERE  (The book is available for pre-sale and will be delivered on September 23, 2018.)

My chapter is called: Soul Whispers: A Deep Inner Journey. This isn’t your typical story. I felt deeply drawn to share this chapter in a powerful poem/story like format. Its unique and will dig deep into the core of you to really trigger an activation of soul reconnection to take place.

Quoted from my chapter:

‘Shhhhh…..Be still. If you listen you will hear.’

I will be sharing my thoughts and part of my chapter this Thursday, September 20, on Voice America’s Influencer channel ‘Empowering Women, Changing Lives’ at 1pm CST, you can listen HERE.

I love you, be Blessed!


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