Just Be You, The World Will Adjust

What is it that we are afraid to show the world? Are we afraid of being hurt? Are we afraid of being judged? Are we afraid of stepping forward because of fear of being ridiculed or judged? The more that we can love and trust our own authenticity and our own divine sovereignty, the more it opens up space to align us with those who appreciate us for who we are. And what better way to express that in the world, to show up and BE who God created you to BE.

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Hold on to your dreams

AUDIO #313

This week has been all around transparency and honesty within yourself so you can empower yourself to play big! Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration message (CLICK HERE) was a deep look into what you ask the universe for and where your energy is at, being real. Because let’s be honest, if we just sugar coat things we are never going to get transformation in our life. It isn’t always easy to be honest with yourself, yet it works 100% of the time when you are!

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The doors will be open to those bold enough to knock

One of the most vulnerable Dream Big Noon-Spirations yet. I could feel my level of uncomfort, and if I were to be honest I really contemplated deleting it. It’s one of those times where I just have to trust that my vulnerability is growing me and God is helping me with claiming my voice and stepping forward into my power.

Religion. Oh boy, I went there. Such a hot topic and I’m not sure my view is a popular one. Yet, even writing that I am contemplating the idea about “the popular view”, is there really? We want diversity and freedom, yet many resist and fight free thinking. We want exclusivity, yet many make fun of people who are unique. We want to be wealthy, yet many are jealous of those with success. See where I am going with this? It is kind of crazy if you think about it. The level of insanity, the limits that we have put on ourself, mostly because we fear the backlash from others.

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Speak Prosperity and CLAIM It To BE!

AUDIO #302

In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration we really focused on EXPANDING and GROWING the “money” in our bank accounts. We have to feel GOOD about money, and sometimes that isn’t always easy, right? Especially when we have a lot of things in our life SHOWING US LACK! Well, today I spoke about that and how you can CLAIM the abundance! 

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SHHH… Quiet my child, have Faith it’s not really a race

AUDIO #285

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration was on another level for me. God’s Divine message was so incredible I wish the whole world could hear it. I feel like everyone could resonate with today’s message about trusting the process. When we slip and fall there is a reason and you will win with a slow and steady pace, which is needed when you build your dreams!

Often times when things are not going as I, in my human flesh, wants them to go, God whispers to my spirit “shhhhhh….. quiet child, have faith. Your time is coming and it’s not time yet, trust in the process I am still helping you grow in other areas”.

Today I read an incredible blog about the Tortoise and The Hare, and I am quoting Patrick Eblad’s Blog because I think he speaks the story and “The Hare Mindset” just as I would say it: 

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Flatline: Did I Just Hear My Dreams Die

There I was, looking at the stage and thinking to myself, I finally made it. Everyone was getting ready for the show to start and I was rehearsing behind the stage.  I don’t know if it was my nerves or something I ate, but my stomach was flipping and flopping all over the place.  I sat down and one of the guys in my group passed by, asked me if I was alright and offered to get me some water. I drank the water, but I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

 Nothing was supposed to go wrong tonight, all the rehearsing and being in the studio until 3 in the morning was finally going to pay off with this one performance. I was opening for a big rap artist (Master Ace) and this was going to be my break into the music industry, but I couldn’t figure out why I was so sick. I had been doing shows for a year now this is the day I dreamed of and thanks to my body; it was probably going to be the worse day of my life.   Continue reading “Flatline: Did I Just Hear My Dreams Die”

BE A Leader In Your Life on YOUR Terms

Being a leader in your life means you get to live life on YOUR terms. Never settle for anything less than you can be, create, share, or give. What makes you happy? It’s not what we get that makes us happy it’s who we become that fulfills us. And how do we get that? By really radiating and creating our own happiness on our terms!

How we live our life, who we are as a person is what matters most. I feel very passionate about that. We can take away all of the “things” in our life, but who you are and who you can become no one can take away. What causes a lot of resistance and suffering is that many people are trying to be someone they are not, or trying to make others accept them by seeing that they are valuable, that they are successful. I am not talking about changing who you are, because it isn’t so much about that. The change or transformation I am talking about is being yourself. That is when the change (transformation) happens because you don’t have to try to do that. You just BE it. Not do, but be. Get to know yourself, and then BE yourself. Because you really are perfect just as you are, and the biggest shift is understanding you already have the power and the answers within your own self! Continue reading “BE A Leader In Your Life on YOUR Terms”

Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

As I think and ponder the ways that our soul expresses, I smile to myself. We each are so incredibly brilliant and amazing, I so wish we could all see what is really inside. Inside the human layers that make up who we are, into the amazing and wonderful expression, soul of who we are individually. 

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Practicing The Art of Love: Acting vs Reacting

Are you acting (coming from love) or reacting (coming from fear)? Before we begin, place your hand over your heart and repeat with me: “I am open to giving and receiving love in my life”

The opposite of love is fear. Whenever assisting women or couples in their relationships, what I have always found is that within the problem or situation there is always some layer of fear that is present. So that has made me ponder, the whole concept of love and fear and all emotions, energy, and vibrations come from them. Like all emotions really do come from one of two families, that would be the family of love or the family of fear.
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