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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Saying goodbye can be hard, scary, and downright painful, right? I think about how many times we say goodbye in life, sending our children off to kindergarten for the first time or even away to college….


Slow Down, Great Things Take Time

How we can be more present in our lives to enjoy the simple things? Enjoying today, the here and the now. Even though we are going after our biggest dreams let’s not lose sight of the beauty and the blessings of the now, the present moment. The beauty of today, right where you are!


Repairing, Rebuilding, and Restoring Through patience & Love

To see a hurricane in your dream indicates sudden, unexpected changes occurring in your life and experiencing some destructive and powerful emotions….


Timing is Everything

Stay focused on your big vision, your big dreams and never let go of that. Sometimes it can be a challenge but with faith, perserverance and trusting the process without giving up is a sure key to success.


Hold on to your dreams

Your dreams, goals, ambitions, and intentions are very personal. They belong to you because they’re part of your soul’s path.


The doors will be open to those bold enough to knock

We want diversity and freedom, yet many resist and fight free thinking. We want exclusivity, yet many make fun of people who are unique. We want to be wealthy, yet many are jealous of those with success.


Loneliness is an inside struggle

Primal wounds say “I am separate from you”


Step Into Your Highest Purpose

Sometimes we can self-sabotage when we think we haven’t reached where we are “supposed to be”. Where are we going?


Yet…. There is a GOD.

God softly whispers to me and says, “I got you” 


Plant a Seed of Faith For Your Future

With each passing day, each passing minute you plant seeds. You plant seeds of hope, seeds of faith, seeds of love, and seeds of peace. We can also plant seeds…


Flatline: Did I Just Hear My Dreams Die

There I was, looking at the stage and thinking to myself, I finally made it. Everyone was getting ready for the show….

What’s In a Flaw?

I had a very profound conversation with my trainer, she asked me ‘what are your reasons for pursuing this’?

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