Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

What is your definition of ‘fearing God’? I have found that people have so many different views. Last night in SOULFOOD SUNDAYS, I took a leap into a touchy and uncomfortable topic to discuss. I shared how I felt hurt by ‘religious people’ and the church when it came to how they presented God. As this thought that one must FEAR GOD and be almost paralyzed with fear. 

Have you experienced this? Have you been taught to fear God and that you are a sinner and presented in such a way you feel dirty? Well you might want to listen to last nights message HERE so you can hear what I shared about my experience as well.

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Fear is a Liar!

There is a saying, ‘a deer in headlights’, and I’m sure you have heard it but in case you haven’t it’s when a deer sees the lights from a car it can leave them frozen because they maybe feel caught off guard. They feel stuck and don’t know if they should go forward or go backward, or even it’s put them in a state of shock.

Sometimes our life challenges can bring on a similar message of fear….

Maybe you are thinking about making a bold change and move out of the state you live in, or maybe it’s a new job you are going after. You have this opportunity to make more money but right now you have a job that feels comfortable and stable. You know the job that is being offered will give you a fresh new start and an opportunity to learn something new, but you can’t shake off that fear of making the wrong decision.


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As I hang my head in shame….

In that very moment, my heart broke. So many feelings were flooded in my belly, my heart and my head. 

First, let me back up and share that this happened this morning. I dropped my son off at school and I had my first client early at 8:45 am but was in dire need of some groceries. So I stopped at the grocery store at 7:30 am. One of my soul sisters sent me a voice message. (a few of my closest soul sisters communicate that way, we all live in other states and even one out of the country so it’s a good way to stay connected) I sat listening to the message in my car, as I wanted to finish it before I went into the store. Just then I see someone coming up from my rearview mirror. My husband has talked with me about being on alert at all times, not in a fearful way, but a smart and keep yourself safe kind of way. 

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Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision

I am so excited to share my first episode of Soul Stories with Tiffany Hart TV Show/Podcast. In this episode Tiffany shares the depths of her pain and struggle with diabetes and what it has done in her life, YET how she has healed herself from the dis-ease and giving herself insulin shots everyday. She reveals how she is falling in love with her body for the first time and learning to really love exercise. This podcast/Show will feed you some good soulfood and courage, knowing that all things are possible in your life if you believe!

Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision Click below to watch the whole episode:


I hope you enjoy the Show and please share your feedback and comments! You can find Tiffany Hart on Instagram to follow her powerful and soul filled story at

I love you, be Blessed!


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When you act from a place of fear

Hello Soul Brothers and Sisters! Today I shared how we can have more control in our daily lives with outcome from situations when we tune into our energy. A deeper understanding that when we come from fear and we act and react through it, we will have a different outcome. We all go through fear, its part of our human experience, yet…. Click below as I share my perspective and how to be able to create better outcomes. 


♥ I’m happy to be on this journey with you! RE-member, that YOU are PERFECT just as God created you!  ♥

I love you, be Blessed!


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¿Miedo, qué es miedo?

“Miedo, qué es miedo Mami” me preguntó mi hijo de tres años. Respire profundamente y me pregunté, “por dónde empiezo”.  

Las primeras palabras que salieron de mi fueron, “El miedo no existe; es algo que creamos”.  Pero evidentemente él ya había escuchado esta palabra puesto que la había usado en diferentes contextos, cuando en las primeras ocasiones decía, “tengo miedo” mi respuesta fue, “No tengas miedo; no estás solo. Dios y los Ángeles están contigo”, Pero, cuando el me pregunto que era el miedo tuve que tomar un momento para pensar. Mi mente me llevo a todas las experiencias donde alguna vez había sentido miedo sin embargo recordé que siempre sale bien al final. Aunque humildemente tuve que admitir que hubo un momento donde vivía en miedo y que de vez en cuando ese miedo volvía a mi.

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#Fearless Living

The smell of crisp, damp air fills your nostrils and you can hear the leaves and shrubbery crunching under your feet with every step you take. You take a deep breath as you continue forward receiving the branding marks of the low hanging branches and vines as you cut your way through the uncharted path with a large machete. Then all of a sudden, you freeze! Your hands start to tremble as your heart begins beating faster and your senses heighten with an awareness that something isn’t right. Your head turns sharply with the snapping of a nearby branch, you are not alone. Your adrenaline increases as your sympathetic nervous system prepares your physical body to flee or fight. You take a deep breath trying to calm your nerves just as you see it, the dangerous beast that is lurking deep in the mats of greenery. Just as you turn to run the fierce beast steps into sight. The fierce animal… oh wait, is actually a fierce . . . stray cat, with yellow stripes? No, wait, this can’t be right. Your mind races trying frantically to retrace your steps and where your brain went wrong. You had sensed that you weren’t alone on your path and you heard the snapping of the branches beneath its feet. Surely, you aren’t mistaken, there must be something more, something bigger with sharp snarling teeth, still hiding in those bushes. This small cute looking kitty, most certainly can’t be it. . . can it?

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The Hat of Fear: What is holding you back?

AUDIO #306

Listen to the FULL SESSION of today’s message from Carlyn Hagler, Sisterhood Connections Director of Creative Art. A powerful message of hope, love, and truth.

Courageous expression from the HeART together,

~ Carlyn
Director of Creative Art
Sisterhood Connections

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Living In Fear To Living Without Fear

“Fear; what is fear Mami” my almost three year olds asks me. I take a deep breath as I am thinking oh, no where do I begin. The first words that come out of me is, “Fear does not exist; it is something that we create”. But obviously he has heard this word and has used it in several contexts that demonstrate he is in fear base moment. When he first began to say, “Tengo miedo (I am afraid)” my response was, “Don’t be afraid; you are not alone. God and the Angels are with you”. But, when he asked me what fear was I really had to pause for a moment. 

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