On Purpose For a Purpose

I believe that everything happens on purpose for a purpose. And when you are in the state of grace and faith, things really do happen with less effort. And when you are in grace and faith you are in flow, and flow I mean aligned with the spirit of God. (Aligning to your Divine Purpose is to have unwavering faith)

The questions I want you to consider or meditate on are;

How do you see your life?

How do you see others in your life?

How do you see yourself?

How do you see your current situation?

Listen to Soulfood Sunday REPLAY for November 4, 2018:

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Never break a promise to yourself

Ouch, this one hits home because I HAVE broken promises to myself. Yet, I don’t want to beat myself up, rather, moving forward I choose to practice the self-love I teach to myself. 

In a post earlier this week I shared “Because it’s the “small promises” that we break to ourself that sets an unhealthy unconscious pattern that whenever you set out to do something, you don’t believe yourself. It’s important that you don’t ever break that trust with yourself. I think of my kiddos when they were in High School and I always told them, “don’t lie to me, because once you do it’s harder to earn that trust back” and guess what? It’s no difference for yourself.” Continue reading “Never break a promise to yourself”

Closed For Spiritual Maintenance

Sometimes when you feel you have lost your way, you are really getting back on your path. Sometimes when you feel uninspired, it’s actually because God is working on you. Sometimes when you feel like things are falling apart they are actually falling together. Sometimes when you feel like you don’t know the direction of your life, it’s because God is speaking to you and you need to listen. 

I have been in this place over the past few months where God has been working in my life in a deep way. If I were really honest, since leaving Idaho and moving to the South I feel as though my life has been in some sort of ‘holding position’ in a weird kind of way. As though I have been in an incubator, and that I can do only so much but it’s not my time to bust completely out of what is really meant for my life. The best way I can describe it is like you have the greatest pair of running shoes, and you know you are a fast runner, but your legs won’t get to full speed. You get on the track only to find your legs will only allow you to jog and not to bust out into a full on sprint! YET you can feel it right there. Anytime it’s going to happen…..  Continue reading “Closed For Spiritual Maintenance”

Balance is not something you find, It’s something you create

What is balance? As a Mom, that word can even feel unattainable or like a pipe dream right? Well, I asked a few soul sisters AND a couple of soul brothers about balance in their life, and below is what they had to say:

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What does balance in your life mean as a MOM:

Maricela: Take baby steps, being attentive to our children and ourselves. Listen to our bodies, because sometimes when we try to just keep going when our body is telling us to stop that is when frustration can come in. Listen and honor what you are feeling with no expectation. The final thing, is to have fun!

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Repairing, Rebuilding, and Restoring Through patience & Love


So excited for today’s session for the weekly podcast for Dream Big Noon-Spiration, brought to you by Sisterhood Connections! 

Today we shared the symbolic meaning for the hurricane and how we can take a deeper introspective look inside our own lives and use the lessons for the empowerment of our life! I was excited to share with you today and looking forward to next week! You can still join weekly live by dialing (701) 801-9661

Let’s look at the dream representation of a hurricane:

To see a hurricane in your dream indicates sudden, unexpected changes occurring in your life and experiencing some destructive and powerful emotions.

To dream that you are swept up in a hurricane suggests that both your mental and emotional forces are building up inside and making themselves known. You may be literally consumed by your emotions. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are being pressured and pushed against your will toward something you do not want to do.

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Just Be You, The World Will Adjust

What is it that we are afraid to show the world? Are we afraid of being hurt? Are we afraid of being judged? Are we afraid of stepping forward because of fear of being ridiculed or judged? The more that we can love and trust our own authenticity and our own divine sovereignty, the more it opens up space to align us with those who appreciate us for who we are. And what better way to express that in the world, to show up and BE who God created you to BE.

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Why can’t I? Is code for It’s not fair!

AUDIO #311

A simple shift in perspective and vibration, can enable you to have a whole different outcome on any given situation. In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration, we talked about frustration, and disappointment, with yourself. And it’s ok to feel disappointed in yourself, it happens to all of us, but my guess is that you don’t want to stay in that space. So being able to move through it so you don’t keep creating the same things over and over is what I want to inspire in todays session.

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Take off the shackles sister

~Hey Soul Sister~

Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Or maybe overwhelmed is too strong of a word? Do you feel that there is so much to do, so many people that need to be loved and listened to and feel like you can’t be in as many places as you are needed to be?

Gosh, soul sister, do I feel you. I can feel that way too sometimes.

There’s something to say about taking one step at a time, having momentum, and staying focused, right? Many of us aim to be in that space. Sometimes its more than that thought, I do believe we have to understand our limits. Recognizing that we can only do so much. If God has placed on our hearts to help this person, and that person, and join this and be here, and be there… well, it doesn’t sound very exciting because it says within that statement that there are “limits”, or does it?

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Trust Yourself, AND GOD, You Cannot Fail

If you have been hurt in the past by other people, then you probably have a lot tied up in the word TRUST. Trusting other people can be one of the most challenging things for you. Now that you have been hurt you may expect to get hurt. You may have a story around ‘the victim’ that is within you. The inner victim within you believes that you have been hurt repeated times when you have opened your heart and trusted. Sometimes the challenge has been because unrealistic expectations have been placed on others, and this is what has caused the pain. Now you may be in a place where you feel skeptical.

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