The scars I bare mean the hurt is over

‘The scars I bare mean the hurt is over and they are the healed wounds that are symbols that God has restored me.’

Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2018, and I wake with a heavy heart.

So I do what I always do. I check in with myself. Is it me? Is it my kiddos? Is it someone I love? Someone I’m close to? I am not getting an answer. Interesting.

So I meditate. I still feel heavy. I clear my energy. I still feel heavy. I pray. God says, I need you to fast. Be intentional He puts on my heart. 3 days, I need you to fast. You have been asking for things and you carry too much.

I felt a knot in my throat. I wrote in my journal. I put things in my ‘God box’ that I felt this heaviness could be. I wrote my intentions for my #intentionalfast and shared on Instagram and Facebook inviting others to join me. Something tells me that this is going to be different than it ever has.

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The pain that you went through was exactly what you needed to expand your light


Gosh! This was an uncomfortable message to share in Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration! Sometimes what is inspired in me to share with everyone is not always the easy thing to say. 

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Have you been through an experience or situation where it’s not easy to “see the good” or focus on the blessings? Whew! Me too! I’ve been there! Still can go there! I remember many times where I pray about it and ask God “really!? Ok, God, where are the blessings in this situation”! Have you felt that way? Sometimes being able to expand and see the light takes time, especially if we are still emotionally engaging in the experience or memory. Give yourself some time to get through it without judgment. And when you are ready to shift the way you feel and the way that you are engaging in the memory, set aside all of the pain and hurt long enough for you to ask yourself these short questions:

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Speak Prosperity and CLAIM It To BE!

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In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration we really focused on EXPANDING and GROWING the “money” in our bank accounts. We have to feel GOOD about money, and sometimes that isn’t always easy, right? Especially when we have a lot of things in our life SHOWING US LACK! Well, today I spoke about that and how you can CLAIM the abundance! 

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We Become What We Contemplate

AUDIO #281

Quoted from TUT in yesterday’s inspiration: “It’s a matter of switching gears, never looking back, and being the person today that you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

Entertain every thought, say every word, and make every decision from their point of view. Walk the way they would walk, dress the way they would dress, and spend your free time the way they would spend theirs. Choose the friends they would choose, eat the meals they would eat, and love and appreciate yourself the way they would.”

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Sisterhood is like a cup of tea, always there to comfort you


Whoa! What a day today, packed with lots of gratitude, lots of sister connections, and so much excitement! I was blessed right off the gate to be able to join in some Dream Talk & Chick Chat with my Sisters over Tuesday Tuesday with myself and Raj. We went from talking about comparing yourself, and feeling overwhelmed to celebrating each others new found success to ending the conversation about expanding our dreams together. Emotional in a good sort of way, the way that you feel massively big things happening in each others lives and how you feel so overwhelmed with JOY and HAPPINESS for others as well as yourself. 

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Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy


As I think and ponder the ways that our soul expresses, I smile to myself. We each are so incredibly brilliant and amazing, I so wish we could all see what is really inside. Inside the human layers that make up who we are, into the amazing and wonderful expression, soul of who we are individually. 

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Practicing The Art of Love: Acting vs Reacting


We are exploring love vs fear in today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration. Are you acting (coming from love) or reacting (coming from fear)? Before we begin, place your hand over your heart and repeat with me: “I am open to giving and receiving love in my life”

The opposite of love is fear, and the Course in Miracles shares that there are only two emotions in the Universe, which are love and fear.  Whenever assisting women or couples in their relationships, what I have always found is that within the problem or situation there is always some layer of fear that is present. So that has made me ponder, the whole concept of love and fear and all emotions, energy, and vibrations come from them. Like all emotions really do come from one of two families, that would be the family of love or the family of fear.
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Create and Design Your Perfect Day

AUDIO #247 

How many times do you honor yourself with the a perfect day? I want to empower you to pick one day this month to honor yourself with a perfect day. YOUR perfect day! It’s going to look differently to each person, and that is what makes it so awesome! In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration brought to you by Sisterhood Connections Network, I talked about big vision dreaming. The more you can get used to stepping into that place of designing what our perfect day looks like without self-judgment, and then actually making that day happen, the more you can begin to create and open the doors to creating your dream life on a much bigger scale.  Continue reading “Create and Design Your Perfect Day”

You Are Much Bigger Than Your Mistakes

AUDIO #245

Do you ever wonder where you would be without your “mistakes”? Well I would like to invite you to really expand your insight on how you look at your mistakes. Take a moment and look at yourself, do you see the incredible and amazing person you are already? I hope to inspire you to renew your mind and your perspective about the experiences you have created. The “mistakes” are actually golden nuggets in our journey to love ourselves more, to see the miracle that is there for you to see within your own self. 

Listen to today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration brought to you by Sisterhood Connections Network. If you are ready to redefine and move through how you have perceived your “mistakes”, come with me and let’s Play Big together! CLICK HERE to listen to full message. Big Dreams your way Soul Sister! Lots of love, Je

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