The Good. The Bad. The Pretty. The Ugly.

Continuation from Part 1…..

I woke at 10pm and didn’t know what day it was. Felt like I had been asleep for days. What just happened? Oh, wait! I have my earphones on! OHHHHHH CRAP! The Mary Magdalene Circle!!! Did I fall asleep? I completely fell asleep!

I went to bed and slept harder than I have slept in a very long time.

5:45 my alarm goes off to get my son up and ready for school. This is the start of day two for the fast. I don’t feel hungry yet. I feel ok. I make yogi tea and do a small meditation. I woke my son and got him to off to school and as I began to prepare for a client session and also some deadlines for my upcoming show. I promised myself I wouldn’t take any calls or get distracted because I have lots I need to do before I pick my son up at 2:30!

I began talking to God about the things that happened the night before.

For some reason I was really being flooded with memories this morning. Not the happy, make you feel good memories but the ones that I buried. I buried them because, well, it’s what I do best. See, in the past when I dealt with painful situations, I did one of three things. And since I am sharing my experience with betrayal and deceit, these are the three things that I would do to deal with them:

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Balance is not something you find, It’s something you create


What is balance? As a Mom, that word can even feel unattainable or like a pipe dream right? Well, I asked a few soul sisters AND a couple of soul brothers about balance in their life, and below is what they had to say:

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What does balance in your life mean as a MOM:

Maricela: Take baby steps, being attentive to our children and ourselves. Listen to our bodies, because sometimes when we try to just keep going when our body is telling us to stop that is when frustration can come in. Listen and honor what you are feeling with no expectation. The final thing, is to have fun!

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Birthing Comes in Different Visions

My son recently turned three years old, so I have been thinking a lot about our birthing process this past month. I specifically remembered how I was not ready to receive our son the way I envisioned. I had envisioned birthing our son in the most natural way with a midwife at a birthing center, using exercises, techniques, and natural medicines to help me in the birthing process. Then I would connect with our angel by placing him on my chest and nursing him as we bonded.  Continue reading “Birthing Comes in Different Visions”

Sisterhood is like a cup of tea, always there to comfort you


Whoa! What a day today, packed with lots of gratitude, lots of sister connections, and so much excitement! I was blessed right off the gate to be able to join in some Dream Talk & Chick Chat with my Sisters over Tuesday Tuesday with myself and Raj. We went from talking about comparing yourself, and feeling overwhelmed to celebrating each others new found success to ending the conversation about expanding our dreams together. Emotional in a good sort of way, the way that you feel massively big things happening in each others lives and how you feel so overwhelmed with JOY and HAPPINESS for others as well as yourself. 

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Happy Mothers Day to All Women!


You may be wondering, why is she saying Happy Mother’s Day to all women? Well, it has been in my experience that some of the most impactual, loving, nurturing and giving women who have helped me since my mom has gone to heaven have not given birth to their own children. These women have impacted my life a great deal, and deserve to be recognized. Today in the Dream Big Noon-Spiration, I wish to expand your vision on who Mother’s Day is for. When we limit it to only the women who have physically given birth there are millions, if not billions of women (AND MEN) that go unrecognized. Listen to today’s message HERE.

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